Construction of the Bont Helix

There are several technologies used on this pair of cycling shoes that make it a good contender for your next purchase. It uses a heat-treatable material that allows it to perfectly conform to any foot shape to deliver the most comfortable ride.

This footgear got its name from the unique retention system. The cable wraps the foot in an intricate pattern, like a helix, to provide an evenly-pressured lockdown.

Bont Helix vs. Bont Vaypor S

If you like the Bont Helix but wish it had two dials instead of one, check out the Bont Vaypor S. This model uses almost all of the same technologies and features that provide a snug, yet comfortable fit. The main difference between the two models is that the Vaypor S has two BOA dials that allow wearers to fine-tune the fit both at the forefoot and midfoot sections.


Rigidity. A unidirectional carbon monocoque chassis makes up the bottom unit of the Bont Helix. This compound is very stiff, so wearers can expect no give in the outsole while they are pedaling. This platform makes it easier for cyclists to push and lift the pedals with every cycle.

Protection. There are sole guards on the toe and heel sections. These elements make walking comfortable. They also protect against abrasions and bumps.

Cleat System

The Bont Helix uses a 3-hole Look configuration. This cleat system is standard in road cycling trainers. The broader contact point between the pedal and the footgear reduces energy transfer loss.

This model is compatible with the following pedals: Look Keo 2 Max Blade 12, Shimano Ultegra SPD-SL R8000, and Time Xpresso 15, to name a few.


Comfort. The upper is constructed using Durolite, a sturdy material that also has anti-stretch properties. It has perforations on the vamp and vents on the toe bumper to facilitate heat dissipation to keep the foot fresh.

Midfoot wrap and support. A single BOA IP1 dial adorns the top of the midfoot. It is strategically placed to facilitate easy fit adjustments even when the person is on the bike. It uses a Kevlar wire that spirals around the shoe in a helix pattern to provide overall support and secure fit.


The chassis of the Bont Helix is crafted using Epoxy Thermoset Resin. This technology allows the shoe to be heat-treated so it can mold to the shape of the foot, providing a truly customized fit.

Sandwiched between the Durolite layer and a suede-like interior lining is a thin layer of memory foam. It prevents hot spots and aids in retaining the snug fit.


Inside the Bont Helix is a thermo-moldable ethylene-vinyl (EVA) acetate foam. It follows the contours of the foot as it gets warm with use.

Good to know

  • The insole as well as the front and rear bumpers of the Bont Helix are all replaceable.
  • This model can be heat-treated multiple times to get the perfect fit.


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