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6 reasons to buy

  • Droves of users find their Black Diamond Session approach shoes astonishingly comfortable.
  • According to numerous hikers, this piece of gear offers superior surface traction.
  • The Session is easy to slip into thanks largely to its collapsible heel, say many of those who have purchased it.
  • Based on several Black Diamond Session reviews, this approach-focused hiker is incredibly breathable.
  • Its lightness is one of its strongest suits, about a handful of testers claim.
  • In terms of durability, the Session is exemplary, a couple of customers say.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Its precision around the forefoot could be better, according to a reviewer.
  • The Black Diamond Session is narrow, says a purchaser who has climbed in it multiple times.
  • An owner is not impressed with the hit-or-miss tension of the Session’s ankle zone.

Bottom line

To sport the Black Diamond Session means to be seen in its fantastically plush and easy-access confines. Donning this well-ventilated shoe also equates to approach adventures where surefootedness is almost always a guarantee.

That said, the product in question might not be the most precise low-grade climbing shoe out there. Nevertheless, the Session is an endearing Black Diamond gear to own, thanks to its collection of qualities worthy of the approach.

Good to know

-The Black Diamond Session is an urban-inspired shoe designed for adventurers who wish to tackle approaches with as much freedom of movement as possible. Access to and from its comfy interior is a quick affair, thanks to its stretchy collar and collapsible heel.

-It uses a BD-owned outsole called BlackLabel-Street to provide wearers with enough sticking power on a variety of surfaces. Atop it is a molded midsole for underfoot cushioning.

A low-collared approach shoe for men and women is the Black Diamond Session. Its bootie has a sock-like construction, resulting in a snug enclosure for the user. Hikers can get a precise and secure fit in it using the shoe’s lacing system.

In the surface adherence department, the Black Diamond Session provides adequately with its rubberized outsoles, called BlackLabel-Street. It grants slip and skid resistance in practically every direction (especially on loose soil) with its diamond-shaped lugs. To give this component extra stickiness on smears, BD shoemakers furnished its front end with a climbing zone.

This approach-oriented piece from Black Diamond is equipped with a single-piece molded midsole for sufficient stability and comfort underfoot. It is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)—a hard-wearing material characterized by crack resistance and a high rebound rate. It has enough thickness and springiness to mitigate shock on impact. A stock insole sits right on top of it for extra cushioning.

The Black Diamond Session’s below-the-ankle shell is made of high-grade knit fabric. It comes with two synthetic pull loops stitched securely to the shoe’s heel and tongue for on-and-off assistance. Its stretchy yet resilient heel panel allows users to wear the shoe like a slipper.

Taking point in this breathable component is a rubber rand. Its utility is two-fold—it protects the shoe from abrasive elements and supplies the wearer with ample toeing traction.

Its fit management system uses a heavy-duty synthetic lace. It is set through six pairs of eyelets, most of which are reinforced with metallic plating for durability.

-This breathable shoe is part of Black Diamond’s first batch of approach-focused kicks. It is also the first half of BD’s approach-slash-lifestyle line-up (the other half being the Black Diamond Circuit).

-Climbing folks who are knit fabric fans might want to complement their Sessions with a pair of Black Diamond Momentums.


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