Black Diamond Momentum notable features

-The Black Diamond Momentum is a rock climbing shoe engineered to give entry-level climbers balanced performance, whether indoors or outdoors. It has zonal support, stretch, and sufficient breathability thanks to the brand-exclusive Engineered Knit Technology.

-Underfoot sensitivity in this BD offering is possible thanks to the shoe’s soft-flex midsole. It is paired with the footgear’s grippy outsole to deliver a safe and comfortable climb.


Downturn. The Momentum from BD is a neutral rock climbing shoe. It promises all-day comfort as it is built around a flat last. Its overall profile gives users the capability to engage in multi-pitch ascents.

Applications. Black Diamond’s Momentum is designed primarily for slabs and less-steep terrain. It is a beginner-friendly footgear engineered to provide adequate performance for bouldering and sport climbing. It allows wearers to pull off edging and toe jamming maneuvers in comfort.


The Momentum from Black Diamond is a rock climbing footgear for both men and women. It is engineered around a straight last for extended comfort. The Engineered Knit Technology with which it is built gives just the right amount of stretch at key points for a comfy fit. A secure and personalized lockdown, on the other hand, is brought forth by the gear’s Velcro closure.


Midsole. The Black Diamond Momentum provides comfort and extra sensitivity underfoot with its hard-wearing soft-flex midsole. It is made of Pebax, enabling the shoe to retain its shape adequately. Its construction gives climbers the capability to have adequate performance in dealing with cracks and ascending slabs with as much comfort as possible.

Outsole. A heavy-duty rubber outsole (at 4.3 mm thick) is what grants wearers adequate sticking power in the BD Momentum. Its molded engineering, which is inspired by the way Black Diamond designers make their carabiners, offers consistent grip performance minus the bulk. 

According to the manufacturer, they are able to control the rubber’s recipe, heat, thickness, pressure, and geometry through the construction process they use. The advantage of this method is that every mold is designed to fit together. They can modify the consistency, weight, and thickness to amplify the sturdiness, performance, and comfort.


The Momentum’s upper is virtually made entirely of synthetic knit fabric (also known as Engineered Knit Technology). It is lined with microfiber on the inside to bolster its in-shoe comfort while minimizing stretch. It also delivers support to the vital areas. BD engineers designed it to place the durability to crucial sections.

A sturdy rand covers its front half to give the climber added protection and security when performing toe jams and like maneuvers. What keeps the heel snug in this shoe, on the other hand, is the footgear’s tensioned rearfoot rand.

Its lockdown system consists of two adjustable Velcro (hook-and-loop) straps. Also coming in twos are the Momentum’s heel pull loops.

Black Diamond Momentum vs. La Sportiva Solution

The Momentum is among Black Diamond’s more well-known shoes among climbing fanatics. As such, it gets pitted often against shoes from other brands. One of these non-BD shoes is the La Sportiva Solution. The following points can give you better insight on their differences:

Downturn. The featured gear is a neutral shoe, while the La Sportiva Solution is highly downturned. This means each is designed for different climbing purposes, with the Momentum being a footgear intended for vertical ascents. The climbing shoe from La Sportiva, on the other hand, is designed for scaling overhangs.

Upper. The Momentum’s upper is synthetic as opposed to the Solution’s leather confines. When it comes to randing, only the Solution has some at the forefoot for toe hooking situations. Both are lined climbing shoes, however, and both use Velcro closure to lock the foot in place.

Outsole. Between the two, only the La Sportiva Solution uses a Vibram outsole. It has a thickness of 4 mm, 0.3 mm less than the BD Momentum’s rubber outsole. The one seen in the competition, however, is engineered only at the forefoot, while the one in the featured shoe covers the entire underside of the foot.

Price. The clear winner in this head-to-head is none other than the Black Diamond Momentum. Indeed, its retail price is about $90 less than the La Sportiva Solution.

Weight. In this category, the Momentum takes the cake for being about 30 grams lighter than its rival.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 7.8oz / Women 6.6oz
Construction: Slip lasted
Closure: Velcro
Fit: Comfort fit
Downturn: Neutral
Environment: Indoor, Outdoor
Material: Synthetic, Knit upper

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