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9 reasons to buy

  • A great multitude of wearers gave the Berghaus Expeditor Active AQ Tech top marks in the comfort category.
  • Its relentless water protection impressed droves of reviewers, including professional ones.
  • According to numerous reports, this Berghaus hiking gear runs true to size.
  • The shoe was praised by many owners for its unbelievable lightness.
  • Some users found the Expeditor Active AQ Tech highly durable.
  • This hiker floored several patrons with its astonishingly grippy Opti-Stud outsole.
  • About a handful of customers raved about the footgear’s amazing support system.
  • An expert applauded the footwear’s stylish design.
  • The Expeditor Active AQ Tech’s quick break-in period stumped a couple of testers.

1 reason not to buy

  • A few purchasers considered the shoe’s grand asking price an unfortunate letdown.

Bottom line

The Expeditor Active AQ Tech delivers a glove-like fit right off the bat and immense comfort. On top of all that, those who choose to own this ultra-lightweight offering from Berghaus have the privilege of experiencing the trail with top-notch waterproofing and surface traction. The only thing that might deter buyers from getting one is its towering price tag. Nevertheless, the Berghaus Expeditor Active AQ Tech overflows with so much merit that owning one despite being quite expensive doesn’t sound such a bad idea.

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Good to know

  • The Expeditor Active AQ Tech is a cross between a sturdy hiker and an agile trainer. It is built with the user’s comfort and movability on rough trails in mind.
  • Two Berghaus-exclusive technologies are present in this shoe: AQ and Opti-Stud. AQ gives wearers sufficient water protection, while Opti-Stud provides adequate surface traction.

A low-cut, fairly true-to-size day hiking shoe for men and women is the Berghaus Expeditor Active AQ Tech. It comes in a range of half and full sizes. It is offered in standard width. Users are given the ability to customize its fit and get a secure lockdown via the footgear’s ghillie lacing.

The Expeditor Active AQ Tech is capable of sticking to most outdoor surfaces thanks to its Opti-Stud outsole. Berghaus shoemakers engineered it with multi-faceted lugs and grippy tread patterns to give owners enhanced traction where they need it most. They also made its front end cover a marginal portion of the forefoot for additional bump protection.

A single-piece midsole is what gives owners the right amount of cushioning and stability in the Expeditor Active AQ Tech. It is built with a stout heel to lessen shock on ground impact. It comes with a supportive footbed courtesy of Ortholite for extra underfoot comfort.

The stitched-on below-the-ankle upper of this hiking footgear is made of WR100 Pittards suede leather. To prevent wet elements from seeping into the shoe’s interior, Berghaus designers imbued it with a proprietary waterproof liner, called AQ. This technology also gives wearers adequate breathability for a comfier ride on the trail.

Getting in and out of the shoe is made more convenient with the presence of a pull tab on its heel. Its closure system is comprised of combination eyelets and a robust synthetic lace.


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