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11 reasons to buy

  • Many pleased owners mentioned that the Bedrock Cairn Adventure was their new go-to sandal.
  • Despite its minimalist design, its grippy outsole provided reliable trail performance, according to more than a handful.
  • A lot of wearers were delighted with the comfort rendered by the Cairn Adventure sandal from Bedrock.
  • Its flexibility impressed loads of outdoor lovers.
  • Scores of hikers applauded the lightness of this hiking sandal.
  • Its adjustability earned praises from an abundance of users.
  • Based on a high percentage of customer reviews, it was comfortable right out of the box.
  • Getting a pair of Bedrock Cairn Adventure sandals was totally worth it, declared by a multitude of online shoppers.
  • Plenty of users testified to its durability.
  • Its superb delivery on all outdoor activities converted a lot of new Bedrock consumers to being brand loyalists.
  • A group of gear testers loved the toe strap of the Cairn sandals. They commented that it did not cause any discomforts at all.

1 reason not to buy

  • Some gear critics felt that it did not offer adequate support especially to those who have high arches.

Bottom line

This minimalist sandal from Bedrock earned many compliments for its performance on and off the trails. Its superb comfort, unrelenting traction, long-lasting durability and impressive lightness were just some of the reasons why it was received with high regard. These pros gave so much value for money and earned appreciation from the hiking community. It, however, was a tad lacking in support. Overall, the Bedrock Cairn Adventure sandals has proven their excellence on the trails. They may not be the best for those high-arched hikers though.

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Our reviews

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The Cairn Pro’s from Bedrock Sandals may be the best barefoot sandals on the market right now. With a background in long-distance hiking, I'm always looking for tough, grippy footwear options.

My go-to shoe for long distance hiking is Altra’s Lone Peak Series. For anything less strenuous in warmer temperature, I’m turning to the Cairn Pro.



Bedrock Sandals started off small in 2011 and quickly built a following in the hiking and dirtbagger communities. With a no-nonsense approach to barefoot sandals and an emphasis on the function they quickly gained traction (pardon the pun).

If you’re interested in seeing a video review and comparison of the Cairn Pro and Bedrocks “Classic” sandals, check out the video below. 

Quick specs

  • Weight - 18oz (pair size 9)
  • Cost - 115 US Dollars
  • Sole Thickness – 14mm

Bedrock sandals on the Appalachian trail

My first experience with bedrock sandals came in 2015 while thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. I carried a pair of Bedrocks’ Classic Sandals to wear around camp and in towns. I was extremely impressed with the Classics, and they are my go-to sandal for ultralight backpacking adventures.

Cairn Pro’s incoming

In 2017 after years of research and development, Bedrock released the Cairn Pro onto the market. Designed to be a grippier, beefier option for those wanting a truly flat, zero drop barefoot sandal. The Cairn Pro's met with immediate success and now can be found at REI stores around the US.

The sole & footbed

The sole of the Cairn Pro’s was explicitly designed for Bedrock by the wizards over at Vibram. Its aggressive tread is designed for moderate hiking, and the soft rubber is tailored for gripping in wet conditions.



This makes it suitable for all kinds of dirt baggers including hikers and river guides. The footbed of the Cairn Pro’s is a textured rubber that is comfortable after hours of hiking and grips the foot very well.

I’ve never found the need to wear socks with my Bedrocks,  but people I’ve spoken to find the footbed works well with socks. This effectively opens up hiking in sandals in the shoulder seasons.


The straps & adjustment methods

Bedrocks original sandal "the Classics" have an all-around more minimalist style. The soles are thinner and the straps and adjustment method are more simple.    

With the Cairn, Bedrock came out with a fully featured strap system that offers a more customizable fit and ease of use. The straps are 3/4 inches thick and have 3 adjustment points as can be seen in the photo below.



The ability to conveniently dial in the specific fit for your feet is a big plus. In daily use, I only adjust the main “pull tab” and rarely need to adjust the rear Velcro or the adjustable hook on the inside of the foot.

Looks & color options 

Function over fashion? Why can’t we have both? Aside from nicer restaurants and bars, there are not many places I can’t wear my Cairn Pro.

Bedrock Sandals move in a different direction than your dad's sandals he wore with grey socks pulled to the knee. The Cairn Pro’s are offered in seven different colors, my personal favorite being Copper.


I’ve been using my Cairn Pro on an almost daily basis for the past two years, and they show very few signs of wear. I think if you were to attempt a long distance hike in the Cairns like some friends of mine, then you can expect them to break down a little quicker.



Bedrocks offer a “Re Souling” service whereby you send in your worn out sandals, and they’ll replace the soles at less than the cost of a new pair. Can't say fairer than that.


For the past two years, I’ve been living the digital nomad life all over the globe. My pair of Cairn Pro’s have visited five continents. Climbed mountains, hiked jungle paths and city streets.

They blend in well in urban environments but kick ass out on the trail. I can’t think of a better all-around travel shoe than these bomber barefoot sandals.

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Hello, I’m Paul “Pie” Ingram - a British guy based out of Helsinki, Finland. I have a background in Ultralight Backpacking and Thru-Hiking long distance trails.

Good to know

  • The Cairn Adventure from Bedrock aims to deliver comfort and style in a minimalist package. Its patent-pending Y-strap design of the upper yields a secure and optimal fit. The designers updated it with a plugless toe post. They retired the plastic buckles and replaced it with metal hardware.
  • Its grooved footbed prevents the foot from sliding. Its outsole, with a 14 mm stack height, renders protection and durability while maintaining a flexible and lightweight feel.

This unisex multi-sport sandal caters to hikers with a medium-width foot. The brand offers this product in whole sizes only. The easy-to-adjust webbing aids in fit customization.

According to the brand, their sizing is based on a centimeter scale. They indicated that women should go one size down to get the correct fit. This sandal runs small; hence they suggest getting a larger size.

The Bedrock Cairn sandals wear an exclusive Regolith (made of Vibram XS Trek compound) outsole. It grants lightweight traction and durability. It has a self-cleaning profile, meaning it is able to shed off accumulated mud automatically. This mechanism aids in maintaining grip, especially in varying ground conditions.

This hiking sandal from Bedrock carries a Granite Grip footbed. It has a textured finish which renders foot-to-sole traction, preventing slippage. Its minimalist design amplifies the user’s connection to the ground. It also helps maintain aeration under the foot.

The Bedrock Cairn Adventure upper features premium polyester and nylon webbing in a Y-shaped construction. At the rearfoot is the brand’s Sole Hugger design that helps in maintaining stability. Its plugless paracord toe-post yields enhanced comfort.

This multi-sport sandal has three adjustment zones. The two main areas include the Velcro closure at the heel and a removable hook at the medial side of the forefoot. The latter can be attached to a different loop which aids in fit adjustment. On the lateral side is a pull tab which goes through a buckle. This feature (can be tightened or loosened) permits a convenient on and off.

  • The Bedrock Cairn Adventure sandal has a vegan-friendly construction.
  • The brand web has sole templates which assist future owners in getting the right size. It is advised to print the pattern on a 100% scale. The template also includes the location of the sole hugger for reference.

The brand’s designers recommend the following tips to extend the life of Bedrock sandals.

  • Never expose the footbed to extreme heat. This includes leaving it in the car or putting it under direct sunlight for an extended period. It may cause deformities in the integrity of the footbed material.
  • Do not machine wash the sandals. It is recommended to clean it using a brush, water and eco-friendly soap. Dry it in a shaded place.


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