Our verdict


The Balenciaga X-Pander may look overly technical, but it actually isn't. This luxurious sneaker offers basic comfort with a style that is way beyond the ordinary. The plastic mechanism on the heel might not be as springy as most have expected, but it provides a cozy ride suitable for strolling around the city.


  • Premium craftsmanship
  • Eye catcher
  • Height booster
  • Fun to style
  • Comfortable ride
  • One-off worn-out look
  • Easy upkeep
  • Dust bag & extra laces included
  • Summer-friendly


  • Heavy
  • Extremely expensive
  • Not easy to walk in them at first

Who should buy the Balenciaga X-Pander

Snag a pair or two of the Balenciaga X-Pander sneakers if:

  • You are looking for sneakers with bold and extraordinary style
  • Prefer luxury brand footwear to amp up your overall look

Who should NOT buy it

The Balenciaga X-Pander is not for buyers who can not tolerate wearing weighty sneakers. Despite having a mesh upper, this sneaker still feels heavy on the foot because of the plastic mechanism on its midsole. For your alternative options, check out some of the much cheaper and lightweight models that cost way less than the X-Pander, such as the breathable Nike Shox R4 or the sporty ASICS Gel Kayano 5 OG

Easy city cruisin'

After testing it on the streets, most sneaker fans found the Balenciaga X-Pander very comfortable to use on their city strolling. While this pair is not as springy as most have expected it to be, overall, the Balenciaga X-Pander still feels so comfy. Here are some of the most remarkable comments:

  • "More comfortable than the Balenciaga Track"
  • "It's crazy. I was surprised how comfortable these were"
  • "A solid 10/10 in comfort"

It takes a while to feel accustomed to its slanted heel

However, several wearers (mostly men) revealed that it took them several tries to get accustomed to its inclined heel area. A user shared that had difficulties walking downhill while another critic had to walk slower than he usually walks as the X-pander feels like an "athletic heels."

Expand your height with the Balenciaga X-pander

"It's so cool; it made me look taller," a reviewer exclaimed as soon as he slipped these sneakers onto his feet. Although considered the most polarizing part of this model, most people are over the moon by its plasticky heel mechanism, giving this pair a truly standout appeal. While a male fan was not at ease with its "mini heel" feel, a buyer highly recommended this to his peers, "if you're short, you should get these!"

Exceptional quality

Almost all sneaker fans agreed that all the X-Pander's details are on point. "The quality is crazy," a tester testified, while several buyers mentioned that this sneaker truly feels luxurious. Also, since the X-Pander costs a fortune, many were excited to reveal that its box came with some nice stuff, such as a dustbag, extra laces, and a warranty card.

Pretty penny priced

Sold at $1350, these ultra-expensive sneakers are not for the fainthearted penny pinchers. Because practically this model has no modern technology, a shopper thought that this model should just cost anywhere from $100 to $200 max. "You're just paying for the prestige," a disappointed buyer mentioned.

Balenciaga X-Pander bonker trainer

Almost all buyers instantly became fans of this sneaker's not-your-ordinary-sneaker style. "I noticed it right away!" "The craziest and most bizarre shoe I've seen!" and "It grasped a lot of my attention," cited some reviewers. 

Testers disclosed that they loved how its worn-out effect caught the attention of several onlookers. Many felt cool wearing this sneaker around; a user uttered, "the dirt on them is just a real vibing aesthetics." Meanwhile, heaps of purchasers also revealed that the suspension heel made this pair very intriguing and exciting, "no wonder this is Kanye West's new favorite!" a Youtuber spieled.

Definitely a sneaker for fashionistas

With its wild style, fashion-savvy sneaker fans expressed that they had fun styling this iteration to a wide array of hip and cool attires. After testing it with different outfits, a fashionista shared that his fave look is wearing this sneaker with oversized corduroy pants for a funky style or cropped trousers for a grandpa vibe.

Worry not about keeping it clean

Since the Balenciaga X-Pander has a worn-out style, wearers did not worry about getting them dirty. "It almost looks like there's mud that hasn't been cleaned off," a fan affirmed, making them less fussy in keeping this pair spotless. 


Plenty of footwear buffs testified that this sneaker kept their feet dry and comfy even after wearing it for hours on several hot days. Thanks to its mesh upper with large holes that allow air to pass in and out of the sneaker freely.

It might give a dragging-down sensation

Several commenters agreed that this model feels very heavy. Many blame the technical-looking plastic mechanism found on the sneaker's heel. An expert even emphasized that this shoe is probably the heaviest sneaker he has ever tried by a long shot.