Who should buy the Balenciaga Speed Trainer

An iconic silhouette like the Balenciaga Speed Trainer will always stamp its class and elegance the first moment you see it. This reeling sock-like gem is for you if:

  • Your manly getup involves a pair of track pants, cropped wool pants, or cut-off jeans.
  • You're a woman who likes rocking it in leggings and draping shirts or oversized tops.
  • Sneakers that offer a "walking-on-air" kind of comfort are what you're after.

Who should NOT buy it

If you have the Balenciaga fever but can't quite go with its expensive flow, try the significantly cheaper but equally popular Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost instead. Also, you're better off wearing the Nike Flight Bonafide if you're a fan of sneakers that come in more than a handful of colorways.

Balenciaga Speed Trainer: Simply captivating

The Balenciaga Speed Trainer is a favorite of many sneaker fans because of its minimalist, modern silhouette. Also, most online reviewers categorize this kick as one of the most stylish and sought-after casual footwear designs to come out from Balenciaga.

Name-forgetting comfort level

Multiple reports speak of the immensely plush interior of this Balenciaga sneaker.

Float in the Speed Trainer

This highly comfortable shoe is a shining example of lightness. After all, it weighs no more than 250 g per piece.

But it's way spendy

Tons of raters online feel discouraged by the Balenciaga Speed Trainer’s super-steep asking price.

And its colorways are few

To some sneakerheads, the shoe's lack of other colorways is among the reasons why they're not buying into the hype.

The Speed Trainer's generous springiness

Customers in droves say that its memory foam sole unit gives superior cushioning and adapts well to the shape of the foot.

Wobble-free arch section

A lot of wearers, especially those who overpronate, compliment the supportiveness of the shoe's 10-millimeter medial zone.

Might not return to form

The knit material of the upper tends to get a bit loose after quite some time, one user comments.

Balenciaga Speed Trainer: From ridicule to apex success

The moment Paris-based couture brand Balenciaga dropped the Speed Trainer in November 2016, it was welcomed with raised eyebrows and heavy scrutiny. After all, the high-fashion brand Balenciaga, which had its early roots as a favored luxury brand by Spanish aristocrats, was not known to venture into the world of footwear.

Along with a few design releases of chunky sneakers in the same year as the Race Runners and Triple S, the Speed Trainer often received flack from footwear critics, stating that the sneaker in question looked like a scuba shoe. Others say it’s just a sock with a rubber sole. Meanwhile, those with a KEEN eye for iconic kicks welcomed it as a high-fashion alternative to the not-so-playful sporty sneakers from top footwear brands.

With the initial word-of-mouth buzz and a few clicks of snaps posted on Instagram, the Balenciaga Speed Trainers were on fire with thousands of sneakerheads wanting to buy a pair. The fashion editorials and digital marketing strategies also helped a lot.

With the likes of the Kardashians and Jenners helping create hype of wearing the luxury trainers, it became like a status symbol—a must-have—for those who follow the reality stars. Adding to the hype are the swag squad of rappers like Future, Gucci Mane, and Bryson Tiller showing off their newly copped Balenciaga kicks. The popularity of the Balenciaga Speed Trainers soared so high that by the early months of 2017, the haute couture sneaker was completely sold out, with only a few retailers selling the limited edition pair at a ridiculously steep asking price.

Facts / Specs

Style: Sporty, Minimalist, Sock
Top: High
Inspired from: Running
Collection: Balenciaga Speed
Closure: Slip-on
Material: Knit, Rubber Sole, EVA, Memory Foam / Fabric
Season: Spring, Summer

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