Who should buy Balenciaga Runner

Who should not buy Balenciaga Runner

For a less expensive pair, go with the Triple S Trainers. It costs 15% less than the Runner, and you don’t have to worry about uncomfy cage area.  Check out the Tyrex for a futuristic sneaker that doesn’t run wide.

New Balance 580 Deconstructed, is an extremely cheaper option compared to the Runner. For a price tag of $140, you get a zombie-looking sneaker with a snug and sock-like fit.

Balenciaga Runner is surprisingly comfy

There’s no question about how comfortable Balenciaga Runners are. One sneaker fan is “absolutely obsessed” because they are “so comfy.” An expert noted that the kick is “pretty cushioned, so you get a lot of comfort” upon wearing. A tester also loved the fact that there’s “so much room and extra cushion and support.”

Make sure to wear ankle socks

If there’s one issue worth noting, an expert sneakerhead said that “the upper cage around the heel is a bit uncomfortable,” especially when wearing low no-show socks. But aside from that, “overall, these are pretty comfortable shoes,” they concluded. 

The durability of Balenciaga Runner

Although the sneaker has a deconstructed look, they are pretty durable. “In a weird way, it’s indestructible,” quipped an expert. Also, the distressed-looking upper gives you an edge that “you don’t have to think about messing up,” the expert added. “It's almost like a Transformer, you go out to battle and just put these on.” 

Size down when buying the Runner

A sneakerhead says that the kicks “cut a little big.” To an expert, they found the toebox “a little long.” For a better fit, you might want to size down, another expert reminded.

Balenciaga Runner is hefty for the wallet

The average cost of a Balenciaga shoe is $836. That is roughly 8 times the cost of an average sneaker at $110. With a price tag of $1,150, Balenciaga Runner is ten times the average kick! That is why an expert emphasized that since “the price is huge and bulky, it’s not for everybody.” 

In comparison, another expert noted that even though they are “quite pricey,” they are cheaper than the X-pander, which fares at $1,350.

But at least they are light on the foot

Although the silhouette is huge and bulky, you’ll be surprised that these sneakers aren’t heavy. The weight on the foot is not much, as noted by a reviewer. “It’s so light, the most comfy shoes I’ve worn,” commented a fan.

Wear them every day, especially for the winter

According to an expert, the sneakers are “a lot more comfortable and wearable” than the X-pander. A tester shared that they loved walking in these because “they were super comfortable to walk on.”

“These are great for snow!” an expert said. Another reviewer agreed, saying that on a snowy day, “these are like the best shoe to wear.”

Distressed, dope, and deconstructed

They might “look strange for a couple of minutes,” but once you start to explore the details, they “are definitely head-turners,” commented one fan. The aesthetic is described by an expert to be “a mix of distressed materials.”  

A reviewer commented that the kick looks like a “bunch of different shoes merged into one.” It also has a rough, futuristic silhouette that gives off a “dead shoe vibe,” noted one Youtube reviewer. 

An expert also loved the dope-looking aesthetic of the deconstructed kicks, saying, “it’s a really wacky shoe.” They also noted that this kind of aesthetic is suitable for those who are looking for something “a little bit different and a little more out there.” “It’s a 100% banger,” they added. 

Balenciaga Runner vs. other shoes

Several testers said that the Runner is very similar-looking to ASICS Gel Kayano 5. “Like a Frankenstein version of ASICS,” one reviewer pointed out. Another sneakerhead even said that “it is like an elevated and art version” of the shoe.

Many reviewers were also reminded of Margiela Fusion sneakers with the Runner's deconstructed design. To another sneakerhead, “they are far more versatile and wearable than the Tripe S.”

History of Balenciaga Runner

The Balenciaga Runner was first released on July 16, 2021. The Runner is part of the Balenciaga Winter 2021 collection. They are also part of the brands continuing effort on product sustainability through lessening carbon footprint in the manufacturing process. 

As a brainchild of Demna Gvasalia, the Runner is conceptualized to be a sneaker that looks like they've been worn regularly for 30 years. This is amplified by deliberately put-together features such as:

  • There are glue marks and frayed edges all across the shoe. There are also leftover glue threads hanging off everywhere that “adds to that worn-out effect."
  • A handwritten shoe size is present in the toe tip that looks like “a child has drawn it."
  • Lace holes extend all the way to the back. “You can unlace that outer cage to make the shoes look even more deconstructed,” suggested one tester. They also go with extra laces.
  • Mesh on lighter colorways has “oil spill-like details.”

Balenciaga Runner also takes inspo from the '90s aesthetic mixed with the cut-paste sneaker trend today. In his debut as a new model for the brand, Justin Bieber was seen donning the Runner for the Fall/Winter 2021 collection alongside French actress Isabelle Huppert, Isabelle Weldon Herouard, Anania Orgeas, and Awar Adhiero Odhiang.

Facts / Specs

Style: Sporty, Deconstructed, Chunky, Dad
Top: Low
Inspired from: Running
Closure: Laces
Material: Mesh, Nylon / Fabric
Season: Winter, Fall
Features: Sustainable / Designer

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