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Top: Low
Inspired from: Tennis
Collection: Balenciaga Fashion Sneakers
Price: $550
Small True to size Large
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Men's sizes from 6 to 12 are offered for the Balenciaga Match Trainers. The low top collar affords the wearer with unhindered ankle movement. Completing the tennis shoe silhouette is the lace-up front, which secures the foot with a tight fit. Its upper is made up of either leather or canvas, both of which offer sturdy support for the feet.  

Either with smooth leather or canvas uppers, low-top Balenciagas like these Match Trainers can be worn with any casual outfit. Jeans or track pants paired with layered tops such as a shirt and jacket will go well with these kicks. Neutral colors are best for showing off the shoe’s vintage flair and understated yet classic appeal.  

A slightly textured cotton fabric upper is used in the white colorway of the Balenciaga Match Trainers. Meanwhile, the black version features a grained calfskin leather material. A green-colored lining is seen along the midsole of the white edition, while yellow lines adorn the midsole of the black colorway.

For branding, the Balenciaga name is prominently displayed, adding a stamp of luxury to a simple, functional shoe. This graffiti is printed in half on the midsole, which means that when both shoes are joined on the sole, the entire logo can be seen. It's a distinctive touch to what is otherwise a straightforward sneaker.

In 1919, Spanish fashion designer Cristobal Balenciaga opened his first boutique in San Sebastian. Branches in Barcelona and Madrid would soon follow. He enjoyed success, with the royal family wearing his pieces, but he had to move to Paris when the Civil War broke out in Spain. The move offered Balenciaga a lot of success, especially with the French Press, who labeled him as a revolutionary designer.

Balenciaga was known for his radical designs, especially for his ability to manipulate his clothes to suit a woman’s body. His creations were highly sought-after, even during the Second World War when his clients traveled to war-torn Europe for his products. Due to his visionary style and unbending approach, he struggled against the press and the Paris fashion community.

He eventually closed his stores in 1968 before passing away four years later. Jacques Bogart S.A. bought the rights to his fashion house in 1986. This was how the brand began to get revitalized for the modern age. Today, Balenciaga is owned by international luxury group Kering, which also owns other high fashion brands such as Gucci and Alexander McQueen as well as footwear brand Puma.

Just like many prestige brands, the fashion house has dipped into the luxury sneaker market, releasing such ultra-expensive offers as the Balenciaga Match Trainers. It’s available in both white and black colorways and features a minimalistic, polished look. It’s a straightforward sneaker that’s ideal for those who want a piece of luxury for exclusive street style wear.

  • The low-top collar is padded for added comfort around the ankle.