Our verdict


The Baffin Zone’s success in outdoor adventures was evident in the positive feedback it received. It was appreciated for its excellent comfort, warmth, and traction. Also, it did not require a lengthy softening period.


  • Amazing grip especially on icy surfaces
  • Insulated insole
  • Soft and form-fitting interior
  • Lightweight
  • Short break-in period
  • Roomy toe box


  • Non-durable

Who should buy the Baffin Zone

Despite the drawbacks reported, the Baffin Zone still provided an excellent outdoor performance. It is a solid option if you:

  • Prefer a hiking boot that provides comfort and protection through their winter hikes.
  • Prefer a hiking boot that is equipped with a waterproof-slash-breathable membrane inside that optimizes protection against the elements.
  • Prefer a hiking boot that can keep the insole fresh and renders lasting grip even at cold temperatures.

Baffin Zone logo

Excellent traction especially on ice

This snow boot comes with a Polar Rubber outsole that is able to perform under very low temperatures without losing traction. The compound used in formulating this unit grants a softer rubber than traditional soles that maximizes its grip on ice.

Baffin Zone outsole

Provide stability over rugged surfaces

Each lug is widely spaced, preventing snow and mud from building up. The aggressive studs found at the perimeter grant a decent amount of stability over rugged surfaces. 

Baffin Zone outsole 1

Supportive and comfortable cushioning

Underfoot, the Baffin Zone employs Tendon Guard with EVA midsole. Thanks to its characteristics, users are granted a supportive and comfortable ride.

Baffin Zone midsole

Provides protection against sharp trail objects and promotes freshness

A TPU plate renders rigidity and protects the foot against sharp trail objects. A removable, stabilizing antimicrobial insole cradles the foot and promotes freshness. 

Baffin Zone insole

Waterproof and breathable

The Baffin Zone winter boot uses a hard-wearing soft shell synthetic upper. Inside, it has a form-fitting liner that comfortably hugs the foot. Its interior has a watertight bootie construction, meaning a waterproof and breathable membrane is integrated between the lining and the outer material. 

Baffin Zone upper

This feature helps keep the feet dry and protected against the elements while allowing internal moisture to evaporate. Enhanced comfort comes from its plush tongue and collar. 

Baffin Zone collar

Amplifies abrasion resistance and durability

Providing protection against outdoor obstacles is the boot’s extended toe rand. Visible in the midfoot area is a reinforcement that amplifies abrasion resistance and durability.

Baffin Zone upper 1

Easy to wear

Pull tabs are attached at the top of the tongue and at the back of the boot which assists owners in donning and doffing. The closure system includes webbing loops and speed hooks. 

Baffin Zone loops