Retailer partnerships

Partner with RunRepeat to enrich product pages, increase sales and get more traffic. Choose one or both of our collaboration opportunities.



Price comparison

  • Increase traffic
  • Traffic from converts 8.9% on average
  • We use geolocation software to show your offers only in countries you want.



API – Enrich product pages

  • Through A/B split-tests we have proven to increase conversion rates 9-17% just from implementing our overall scores.
  • Get rich-snippets in Google’s SERP and increase traffic around 10%
  • Access data through a) a simple script ready to insert or b) our API
  • List of available variables: 1) runscore, user ratings and expert reviews, 2) facts such as terrain, arch support, use, weight, heel drop, heel height, forefoot height etc., 3) our summary section, for which we spend 4-7 hours doing on each shoe summarizing the good and the bad, 4) Overall rankings, category specific rankings and ranking percentiles and 5) popularity ranks and percentiles.
  • We currently partner with 6 retailers including Sport Master with it’s 110 stores.


Why implement reviews?


Let the results speak for themselves

Through independent A/B split tests we have been able to deliver some pretty amazing results. See the results for yourself. Most partners increase their conversion rates by 9-17% though it varies from website to website.


Example 1



Example 2

test 3


Example 3

This is an extreme case, and to be honest only a few partners experience this massive increased conversion.

test 1



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