Use: Workout
Price: $50
Weight: Men: 11oz | Women: 9oz
Width: Men: X-Wide, Normal | Women: Normal, Wide
Colorways: White
Small True to size Large
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  • The Avi-Rival uses a host of materials in its sole unit. A compression molded ethylene-vinyl acetate (CMEVA) makes up the midsole of this model. The CMEVA, together with the soft gel unit and the Cantilever, delivers comfort and a shock-absorbing platform. The MEMORYfom insole keeps the foot cozy as it adds another layer of cushioning.
  • The outsole is a durable rubber with an external shank for support. For the upper, it uses synthetic leather with perforations on the side panels and toe box to keep the foot ventilated.

The Avia Avi-Rival comes in both men’s and women’s sizes and runs true to size. It is available in D - Medium and 4E - Extra Wide for the male version. The women’s version is offered in B - Medium and D - Wide width options. Those who require wide training shoes might as well consider models from other brands. 

A solid rubber makes up the outsole of the Avi-Rival. This material is hard-wearing, flexible and grippy on most surfaces. It extends partly to the front of the shoe and serves as a protection against abrasion and impact. The tread pattern is designed to enhance the traction capability of the outsole.

An external shank reinforces the arch area. This structure reinforced the midfoot area, forcing the foot to bend at the forefoot and not at the arch. It also aims to prevent discomfort and injuries.

The Avi-Rival features a CMEVA midsole. This foam is lightweight, durable and flexible. It serves to attenuate the force of impact to keep the foot protected and comfortable with each step.

At the heel section, between the rubber outsole and the foam, is a soft gel structure. Its purpose is to add stability to the back of the foot and enhance cushioning. This area also houses the Cantilever technology, which, according to the company, creates a trampoline-like effect for better shock absorption and energy return with each stride.

The MEMORYfom lines the footbed of this shoe which adds a layer of padding to keep the foot comfortable.

The Avia Avi-Rival utilizes a synthetic leather material for the upper. It has perforations on the toe box, side panels, and heel to keep the inside of the shoe from getting too hot.

It uses a traditional lace-up closure to keep the foot securely in place. The padded tongue protects the instep from irritation when when the laces are tightened. It has a single slot on top where the round laces pass through to prevent it from sliding to the sides or bunching up front.

A soft mesh lining is utilized inside the shoe. This textile helps with heat dissipation and allows the foot to slide in effortlessly.