Updates to Asolo Power Matic 200 GV

  • Asolo intricately drafted the Power Matic 200 GV with technologies that can overpower challenges in sundry landscapes while carrying heavier packs. The one-piece construction of the full-grain leather upper, partnered with a Gore-Tex lining, ensures a durable, waterproof and breathable design.
  • Backpackers can achieve their desired fit in no time with the patented Micro Pulley System. This feature makes lacing uncomplicated and effortless. The tongue is padded and gusseted for additional comfort and security.
  • Asolo’s Power Matic technology boasts of steadfast shock absorbent boots by using a mix of PU densities. High-density PU in the front zone, medium-density PU in the heel area and a very high-density PU in the arch region work together to deliver a comfy and sustained ride. Visible on the outsole are four cylindrical rubbers which link it to the midsole and enhances shock absorption. Moreover, the Asoflex 00 MR lasting board and Lite 2 footbed arrangement promote proper gait.
  • A part of the Power Matic feature, the Vibram rubber outsole uses dual-density PU. The portion in contact with the ground has multi-directional lugs that are self-cleaning and are able to maintain grip and traction under diverse terrain.

Size and fit

The Asolo Power Matic 200 GV is tailored for men and women. It is offered in medium width and standard sizes. The men’s variant comes in wide version too. The patented Micro Pulley system  delivers quick lacing. Likewise, these independently moving pulleys are durable and lightweight which yield improved performance and fit. Backpackers experience an enhanced comfort, too. This boot fairly runs true to size.


With an Asolo-slash-Vibram-powered, dual-density rubber outsole, the Power Matic 200 GV boot provides grip and ground stability. Its self-cleaning lugs ensure that traction is not lost on wet and muddy terrain. This assembly makes the boot crampon-compatible. 


As part of the Power Matic technology , a triple-density PU is used in the midsole. The high-density PU located mainly on the forefoot guarantees stability. The heel area is powered by a medium-density PU that works during push-offs and landing. It deals with shock absorption and fatigue reduction. Moreover, to further enhance shock absorbency, Asolo has added low-density PU inserts that are deliberately placed to work in synchronicity with the outsole.  A very high-density PU has been placed in the arch area to provide long-lasting support.

Designed using the Asoflex 00 MR lasting board combined with the anatomical footbed , Lite 2, this pair renders a good control of pronation. Moreover, this structure absorbs impacts making a long ride pleasant and satisfying


The one-piece construction of the 2.6 - 2.8 mm full grain leather of the Power Matic 200 GV makes the upper durable.  The rigid structure of this leather makes it more resistant to moisture. Over time, it develops a facade that is more eye-appealing and hard-wearing.

Making it ideal for tackling challenging trails with wet elements is the Gore-Tex Performance Comfort membrane. This lining is moderately insulated to retain heat in colder conditions and at the same time, breathable to be adaptive in warmer climates. Likewise, it ensures water does not seep into the boots, thus maintaining a cool, dry and comfortable environment.

This sturdy leather hiking boot has a gusseted tongue to provide additional protection against debris. It is also padded for comfort.

Additional Info

  • Asolo recommends to care and store boots properly. This prevents hydrolysis or the chemical breakdown of a compound due to prolonged exposure to water. In this case, the PU used to manufacture their midsoles can deteriorate as it absorbs moisture through time and use. It can eventually disintegrate the midsole and entirely separate it from the rest of the boots. With a cemented construction, Asolo footwear can be resoled with a new midsole and outsole.
  • Clean the boots after every use. Remove the footbed and laces carefully to ensure that the hidden edges are thoroughly cleaned. Use a brush and warm water to remove dirt on heavily soiled boots before conditioning. A specialized cleaning product is recommended in removing the most stubborn grime.
  • Condition the boots regularly and perform this while they are still damp to allow deeper penetration of the impregnation treatment. Keep in mind that it takes 24 hours to achieve the full effect of the treatment.
  • Asolo does not recommend the application of oils and greases as it softens the leather and makes it virtually waterproof. In time, the footwear loses strength and stability.
  • Once the boots are thoroughly aired out and dried, store them in a dry and well-ventilated area. Avoid storing in a damp room or hot area.
  • The Asolo Power Matic 200 GV is compatible with flexible crampons.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 27.7oz
Use: Backpacking
Cut: Mid cut
Features: Lace-to-toe / Orthotic friendly / Removable insole
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Width: Normal, Wide / Normal
BRAND Brand: Asolo

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