Asolo Arctic GV: Making winter adventurers cooler

No pun intended on that “cooler” bit, but in all seriousness, the Arctic GV has unique tricks up its sleeve that few hiking boots have. These out-of-the-ordinary elements are as follows:

Recco rescue system. There is a reason why snow boots often come in vibrant colorways—visibility in emergency situations. While the Arctic GV does not have striking hues, it does have Recco reflectors. These reflectors can be detected by a Recco tracker, even if they are buried some 20 ft beneath the snow!

Winter-specific outsole. Courtesy of Vibram, the Arctic GV’s outsole is capable of maintaining its grip level in below-zero conditions. This means that its lugs will not freeze on you, giving you optimum surface traction over frozen trails and packed snow.

Exclusive last. Engineered with snugness and flexibility in mind, the Arctic GV offers an intimate fit without restricting the foot during transitions. The same personalized confines can also be found in the women’s version, whose contours allow for freer maneuvers specific to the female foot.

Additional info

  • The GV in its name signifies that the boot comes with both a Gore-Tex membrane and a Vibram outsole. This naming convention applies to almost every Asolo shoe that has both technologies.


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