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5 reasons to buy

  • According to a handful of consumers, the Asolo AFS 8000 kept them warm even in below zero temperatures.
  • It was able to handle different ground conditions, according to crowds of mountaineers.
  • An abundance of users appreciated the independent lacing system of the inner and outer boots. They commented that it enabled them to obtain their desired fit.
  • The AFS 8000 from Asolo worked well with crampons, as testified by a good deal of pleased boot owners.
  • A couple of those with narrow feet found the boots comfortable.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Lots of users were disappointed with the narrow fit especially in the toe box area. They noted that they could feel their toes getting squished against the bounds of the toe box.
  • The Velcro patches in the inner boot ripped off way too soon, according to a few disgruntled wearers.
  • Several mountaineers expressed their disgust toward the boot’s ankle area. They said that it was too stiff and inhibited flexion in the mentioned part. It made a long journey painful and tedious.

Bottom line

The Asolo AFS 8000 has the perquisites of an ideal mountaineering boot. It is able to keep a warm in-shoe environment even in the coldest of temperatures and has spiffing performance with or without crampons. It is comfortable, yes, but it seems that it favored those with narrow feet. The rigidity on the boot’s ankle area further undermined its greatness. Everything considered, the Asolo AFS 8000 is a valuable piece of footgear taking into account its positive points. However, those with wider feet must opt for something else.

Good to know

  • An ideal boot for technical mountaineering and ice climbing, the Asolo development team, made the AFS 8000 ready for the extremes. It has a crampon-compatible Vibram outsole with deep lugs and a tread pattern which grips on the ground and secures the foot on a variety of surfaces.
  • The Asoframe technology, which creates a single molded unit for the heel, midsole and toe box, renders a lightweight and firm support. The midsole, combined with carbon fiber and fiberglass frame maintains the structure and stability.
  • The seven-layer anatomy of the inner boot provides warmth and comfort through the Thinsulate and Velveteen, respectively. These benefits are further enhanced by the polyurethane (PU) sandwich and 3 mm polyethylene combination. The outer boot uses a Pebax shell which is effective under extreme temperatures.

A high-cut mountaineering boot that runs true to size, the AFS 8000 is a men’s boot offered in standard width and sizes. Asolo designed this footgear with lacing systems for the inner boot and outer boot to let users customize the tension and achieve their desired fit.

The dual-color Vibram Nilgiri is a crampon-ready outsole. The angled lugs on the toe and heel area ensure grip on descents and ascents. Its aggressive and self-cleaning lugs, which are strategically laid out, give stability and enhance the braking ability of the boots.

The AFS 8000 has a PU midsole with carbon fiber and fiberglass skeleton. This layout makes the boot supportive and stable without adding too much weight. The PU midsole soaks up the vibration from ground impacts while keeping a durable cushioning thus, enhancing walking comfort. The AFS anatomical footbed provides additional padding and support.

The Asolo AFS 8000 is a double-boot that uses Pebax for its outer shell. This elastomer (a polymer with elastic properties) has a multitude of benefits, making it favorable for a broad range of outdoor activities. This material is appreciated for its low weight, flexibility and stress resistance. Also, it is widely used in the footwear industry as it can withstand extreme environments (low to high temperatures).

The hard shell design of the outer, which includes a tongue, is accompanied with metal lacing hardware which combines hooks and D-rings for a secure lace-up closure. It is also reinforced from the toes to the back of the heel for utmost protection.

The anatomically shaped inner boot of the AFS 8000 is a combination of PU sandwich  and 3 mm polyethylene . The former gives the boot a stronger yet lighter feel while the latter grants an agreeable amount of hardness and rigidity. Furthermore, polyethylene feels waxy when touched. It has a separate tongue and closure system using Velcro.

The lining of the inner boot is made up of Thinsulate and Velveteen to render insulation and promote comfort. Thinsulate , a lining manufactured by 3M, has microfibers that trap air and block heat loss while allowing moisture to escape. Its thin and lightweight composition is less bulky and promotes freedom of movement. Velveteen has a smooth back and is usually made of cotton. It resembles velvet but doesn’t drape as easily.

As part of the Asoframe technology, this mountaineering boot has a microporous rubber inserted at the heel for shock absorption. Likewise, it includes a toe box structure to protect the toes from jamming and pinching.


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