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7 reasons to buy

  • Majority of Asics Throw Pro users like the shoes' solidly built quality.
  • The shoe fits as expected according to many wearers. 
  • Several users agree that the Throw Pro is very comfortable in the midsole area.
  • Most users also praise the shoe's durability as it lasted through their competition season with no problem at all.
  • Some users appreciate the shoes' overall versatility when used for all types of throwing events.
  • The Throw Pro's outsole is noted by many users to have an excellent grip in the ring.
  • Quite a few wearers are impressed with how reliable and well worth the money this track shoe is.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A number of users would like the Asics Throw Pro more if the shoe would be available in wide width sizing.
  • One user says that the initial assessment of the shoe's upper is that it feels a bit stiff.

Bottom line

The Throw Pro aims to deliver optimal performance for both top spin-technique throwers and glide throwers. This track shoe from Asics is commended by athletes for improving their performance and even helping them break their personal best records. The shoe not being available in wide width sizing is just a minor drawback that most wearers are willing to look past. The Asics Throw Pro, in general, is a reliable performance shoe that any athlete in the sport of shot put, discus, and hammer throw would definitely look into adding into their shoe arsenal.

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Good to know

Use - The Asics Throw Pro track and field shoe is designed for advanced level shot put, discus, and hammer throwers. This track and field shoe is specially designed for top spin technique throwers, while still catering to glide throwers.   

The Asics Throw Pro features the innovative RhynoSkin synthetic leather upper material. It is made of abrasion and tear-resistant material that offers increased durability.

The shoe's midsole is also supported by the SpEVA® midsole material, which improves the shoe’s bounce-back characteristics and decreases the breakdown rate of the midsole.

The Throw Pro also has a larger midfoot support strap that helps provide enhanced lock-down while the board lasted innersole improves stability.

Lastly, the Asics proprietary AHAR, which is an acronym for Asics High Abrasion Rubber is used for the Throw Pro’s outsole. It is placed in critical areas of the outsole for exceptional durability. The AHAR Rubber Outsole also efficiently delivers enhanced cushioning where it is needed.

Adjustments were also made to the outsole's geometry and rubber compound, make turning on the sole easier.

The Asics Throw Pro is a unisex shoe that follows the sizing scheme for the men’s version. Although the shoe is released in men's sizing, it can also most definitely cater to women athletes by getting one to two sizes lower than their usual size in women's athletic shoes. The Throw Pro also uses a traditional lacing system which also helps in providing a customized-fit feeling, while a midfoot wrap provides a locked-in fit and reduces in-shoe slippage.

The outsole of the Asics Throw Pro uses blown Asics High-Abrasion Rubber (AHAR) outsole material. It is a full length textured rubber engineered to enhance durability and traction. The AHAR outsole technology is designed to deliver enhanced cushioning, durability, and ride to the foot. The High-abrasion rubber is also reliable for the ground-gripping traction that is flexible and textured for fast throwing circles and powerful performance in wet conditions.

The shoe's outsole also features a Guidance Line technology. It enhances gait efficiency by using a vertical flex groove to decouple the tooling along the line of progression. This, in turn, has an ability to boost the gait as mentioned earlier.

The midsole is created with a SpEVA foam, which is a full-length midsole material for increased energy return and responsive underfoot cushioning. It also gives the shoe a cushioned platform to start the power position and create the athlete's spin. The SpEVA foam is responsible for the shoe's lightweight cushioning, and it is 20% more responsive than standard ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). This foam compound boasts extreme resilience while it infuses every stride with the kind of power you need for aggressive games such as shotput, discus, and hammer throwing. For comparison, another track and field shoe that features a full-length midsole foam is the Nike Zoom Matumbo 3.

A molded sockliner also exists in the Throw Pro's midsole as an extra layer of plush, step-in comfort.

The shoe's upper is made with a synthetic leather material called the RhynoSkin. It minimizes the in-shoe movement for optimal performance. This material envelops the majority of the upper and is designed for abrasion and tear resistance. It encases each foot in durable comfort, protecting the feet against the impact and abrasion during long training sessions.

A traditional lacing system works to provide an optimum fit while a midfoot wrap provides a locked-in fit and reduces in-shoe slippage.


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