Notabe elements of the Asics Tartheredge

- The Asics Tartheredge is a performance shoe that’s designed for those who desire a versatile time on the roads. This product features a classic Asics look, with a porous mesh upper that is reinforced with stitched-on overlays. A low-to-the-ground profile brings the runners close to the surfaces for optimum movement control and energized execution.

- Underfoot cushioning is the responsibility of Asics technologies that are designed for comfort and flexibility. These elements enable the natural movement of the foot because they are responsive and bendable. The not-so-thick profile also helps in the encouragement of a smooth step. A durable exterior rubber averts wear-and-tear.

Size and fit

The Asics Tartheredge is designed to be true to size. Runners are welcome to get a pair with their typical choices of size in mind. However, an ideally pleasant in-shoe experience may involve testing the shoe for one’s self first or studying other users’ feedback from different observable sources.

The soft nature of the upper, the presence of the stitched-on overlays, and the semi-curved shape of the underfoot platform work together to accommodate the natural curvature of the human foot. Medium foot dimensions are typically the target of the in-shoe feel, with leeway given to those with narrow feet.


The outsole unit of the Asics Tartheredge is made of AHAR® or Asics High Abrasion Rubber. This layer is crafted to be durable enough to resist the abrasive nature of the surfaces. The high-wear areas especially benefit from this compound.

Additional traction is afforded by the set of traction nodes that take the shape of three-tipped stars. These protrusions aren’t too aggressive, but they’re helpful when it comes to heightening the surface control and any minute adjustments to movement.

The Trusstic System® is a thermoplastic layer near the medial side of the platform that steadies the arch and keeps it from buckling during the run. It is not exclusively made for pronation correction, though midfoot support is ultimately needed by any runner.

Flex grooves permit the foot to move naturally through the gait cycle. These shallow trenches benefit the forefoot lift as it is the part of the motion that requires the most bending of the toes.


The FlyteFoam® Propel is used for the midsole unit of the Asics Tartheredge. This full-length foam is tasked with providing reactive cushioning to the underside of the foot. It attenuates impact shock throughout the landing phase, then returns energy to the foot for an energized push-off.

A sockliner is located right above the main cushioning unit. This add-on has a thin yet soft configuration to provide a sense of immediate comfort when resting the foot on top of it. It can be removed or substituted with a new one if the wearer wants to do so.


A jacquard mesh is used for the external part of the Asics Tartheredge’s upper unit. The yarns of this material are similar to that of woven cloth, with smooth textures mixing with a flexible configuration to accommodate the natural shape and motion of the foot. A net-like structure yields visible, diamond-shaped ventilation holes to allow the flow of air into the interior chamber, thus giving a cool and dry ride. The jacquard mesh is a well-known material that is used in many shoe series, including the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 and the Mizuno Wave Inspire.

Synthetic overlays are stitched onto the facade. These add-ons are tasked with bolstering a significant area of the shoe and maintaining its upright structure. They are also meant to provide a snug and secure fit by having links to the lacing system.

A traditional lacing system graces this running shoe. Flat laces snake through stitched-on eyestays on the bridge of the upper. These crisscrossing fabric strands tighten or loosen with the manipulation of the runner, giving a hug that is adherent to personal preference. A heightened hold is afforded by the presence of the overlay system.

The tongue and collar are padded. These elements of the inner shoe are meant to cushion the topmost parts of the foot, specifically the bridge, the ankles, and the Achilles tendon. They also prevent accidental shoe removals and in-shoe wobbling during the running session.


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