Updates to Asics Roadhawk FF 2 MX

  • The Asics Roadhawk FF 2 MX is the latest model released for the Asics Roadhawk FF line.  This running shoe is made for neutral runners and has been upgraded with features that will help you breeze through your daily runs.  This new model does not only have a more stylish upper with a flowing design but it also now features a two-layer jacquard mesh for increased breathability.  Asics has also continued to use some of their prime running technologies on the new Asics Roadhawk FF 2 MX to keep up with the previous releases.
  • The trusted FlyteFoam® Propel midsole technology in the Roadhawk FF 2 MX, which is also used in the Asics Gel Nimbus 21, running shoe is specially designed to provide an energetic bounce either from a soft landing or from an energetic push-off.  Also featured in the shoe is the SPeVA® Lasting technology. It is an innovative technology that is responsible for the shoe’s lightweight cushioning.  
  • The new Asics Roadhawk FF 2 MX has also now been redesigned in an oblique forefoot shape to accommodate a wider range of feet.  This update guarantees more comfort, breathability, and support for all types of runners.
  • Also incorporated in the shoe is the HG10mm™ Technology, this aids in shifting the body mass when moving forward to lessen impact and strain on the lower limbs, rendering more support to the movement to the user.

Size and fit

The MX version of the Asics Roadhawk FF 2 runs true to size. It comes in standard medium sizing D for men and standard sizing B for women.  Toe-box width is medium, and the same goes for its arch height. The redesigned oblique forefoot shape now gives the shoe more size options to accommodate a wider range of feet.  It also ensures that the feet stay comfortable and gives it a flexible fit. The midfoot part of the shoe is also engineered to provide a feeling of lockdown and support giving the Asics Roadhawk FF 2 MX a snug fit.


The outsole for the Asics Roadhawk FF 2 MX is made with the Asics High Abrasion Resistant Rubber also know as their AHAR® Plus Outsole.  It is a uniquely durable compound which is 50% more durable than the usual Asics High Abrasion Rubber. With the AHAR® Plus Outsole, the shoe is now more responsive and makes it a full contact outsole that gives a flawless heel-to-toe transition.  The Asics Roadhawk FF 2 MX also has the Guidance-line technology. These are the vertical grooves that run the whole area from the heel to the toe on the sole of the shoe. It helps improve balance by decreasing any instability caused by shifts in the runner’s focal point of pressure.


The Asics Roadhawk FF 2 MX’s midsole is now improved with the all-new FLYTEFOAM® Propel Midsole Technology.  It is an energetic foam formulation with a unique elastomer compound that provides the shoe a great rebound and gives it a fast response underfoot.  The FLYTEFOAM® midsole also offers plenty of cushioning making the ride with the Roadhawk FF 2 MX a comfortable and enjoyable one.

Also featured in the shoe is the SPEVAFOAM™ 45 Lasting Technology which is responsible for giving the shoe its lightweight cushioning.  It uses a 45-degree full-length SPEVAFOAM™ 45 lasting material for overall enhanced comfort and a cushioned platform feel.

The midsole area of the Asics Roadhawk FF 2 MX is designed to evoke a feeling of great comfort, and thus it comes with a midfoot saddle that gives the foot great support and better platform lockdown.


The upper for the Roadhawk FF 2 MX has been updated with a more sleek design and a stylish two-layer jacquard mesh to provide better breathability.  The new upper provides the needed air circulation that cools the inside of the shoe. It also helps in preventing the feet from overheating and excessive sweating.

Working with the two-layer jacquard mesh upper is the removable Ortholite sockliner.  It is made with anti-bacterial material to decrease the chances of developing odor and moisture while giving the shoe added cushioning.  

This Asics shoe for running also used seamless materials that minimize the risk of potential irritation and friction caused by conventional stitching style and seams.


The current trend of Asics Roadhawk FF 2 MX.
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Jens Jakob Andersen
Jens Jakob Andersen

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