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6 reasons to buy

  • Several runners thought that the Asics Gel Patriot 10 was a comfortable running shoe. Others claimed that wearing the shoe felt like “running on clouds.”
  • A reviewer said the shoe helped reduce the pain on their foot and knee.
  • The Gel Patriot 10 was lightweight, according to a number of users. Some also noted how the shoe contributed to their speed.
  • Many buyers commented about the shoe’s excellent design, while others were pleased that the colors go well with many outfits.
  • Some customers appreciated the Gel Patriot 10’s affordable price.
  • One user mentioned the shoe’s efficacy on many types of surfaces.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Despite the correct fit, the shoe kept rubbing uncomfortably against the right side of the foot, a wearer relayed.
  • One runner said it provided less arch support compared to the previous version.

Bottom line

The Asics Gel Patriot 10 has excellently delivered function and comfort through its various technologies that proved efficient to users. This Asics running shoe was an excellent update that many runners were able to appreciate, especially to those who are familiar to the Patriot series.

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Our reviews

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I run more than 200 miles each month and as a result, I wear out a lot of running shoes easily. I need to find a balance between cost and mileage. Price is definitely one of my main concerns when it comes to buying running shoes. 

So, I bought my first pair of Patriots 10 on sale ($35) as an experiment.



I have experience with the Asics brand and have been using several models (Nimbus, Excite, Noosa…) 


With the patriot 10, I ran 500 km. They’re average running shoes (nothing much special). They're lightweight and get the job done. On the first runs, the midsole is a bit hard.

That said, it took me 3 or 4 trainings until they get softer and comfy to my feet. For shorter runs (up to 10 miles or even a half marathon), they’re very competent shoes. You should have in mind the budget shoes they are.

For longer distances, I don’t advise using them. I have made the mistake of running an ultra-marathon (65 miles) on them and after the 30 km, the midsole becomes too hard and the feet became hotter.

However, they’re ok for daily runs. Still, considering the price tag and the mileage that I reached with them, it's a good shoe for the money (I even bought a second pair).

Keep in mind they’re "practical" running shoes and not much more. Not pretty at all (and they will not, for sure, become a goose, like the ugly duck story), but affordable and a budget shoe for your daily runs.

Upper & fit

The Patriot 10's upper looks good and fits nicely. Like most Asics models, they’re very well crafted.

The upper's breathability is awesome. During my 65-mile run, I may experience hotness in the midsole, but the upper stayed cool. The mesh allows the air to flow, so I felt comfortable in all my runs.

On the other hand, I noticed some wear on the heel area. This did not cause any discomfort though. 



In my opinion, the midsole needs improvement. As I said, the break in period took me longer than usual. However, as soon as I did, they felt much more comfortable.


The outsole surprised me, despite not being made of AHAR+ technology. The grip is good on dry surfaces; however, it slips on wet but not to the point where you lose your balance.



500 km and could do some more miles. I run mostly on the side of the roads, and where I live those sides are not flat, I tend to run in some inclination, what makes me wear the outside of the heel more than the rest of the outsole.

On the other hand, I did experience it with my racing shoes. On races, you can run in the middle of the road where the ground is much softer. This is an honest review, so the pictures weren’t embellished.


  • Price – bought them for $35
  • Build quality – Asics kept the quality level that they used us
  • Duration – 500km+
  • True to size


  • Aesthetics
  • Hard midsole on the first practices
  • Ineffective midsole in long runs (more than a half marathon)


If you’re a ‘’heavy runner’’ (long mileage runner and frequent runner) and your practices go up to 10miles and doesn't care how pretty your running shoes must be, it’s a great buy.

On a side note, if you run more than what I mentioned above, well, perhaps you may consider another model.

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Hi. My name is João, and I'm a runner since 2013. I started running to maintain my fitness level and defeat a depression that I was diagnosed with. I now run an average of 90km a week, and I'm capable of running half and full marathons and even ultra trails and endurance trails (over 100km/60miles). As personal bests, I have the time of 1h 21m 51s at the half marathon, 2h 48m 27s at the full marathon, 12h 08m on a 104km( 61.5miles) road ultra marathon, and finally, 18h 25m on a 110km (66miles) endurance trail.

Good to know

  • The Asics Gel Patriot 10 debuts a brand-new profile that is sleeker and more comfortable than ever before. Marketed towards beginner runners, the Gel Patriot 10 provides the necessary support and structure for easy and reliable performance.
  • The shoe’s mesh upper presents an overall mesh structure, which looks softer and smoother. It also aims to be more comfortable on foot, as it gives a more lightweight finish, with extra breathability and flexibility.
  • An AmpliFoam midsole makes up part of the underfoot unit of the Gel Patriot 10. It is designed to be durable, comfortable, and more adaptable towards natural running on roads and other similar surfaces.

The Asics Gel Patriot 10 is built with standard running shoe measurements; thus, runners should expect an accurate fit with their usual size preferences. This shoe features an anatomically-correct shape that caters to wearers with high arches and a moderate foot volume. The Gel Patriot 10 is available in medium width for both the men’s and women’s versions.

Half of the sole unit of the Asics Gel Patriot 10 is comprised of the Asics High-Abrasion Rubber, or AHAR, a durable outsole material made from carbon rubber. The exceptional strength offered by the AHAR protect the high-wear areas of the shoe – the heel and toe – from wear and damage.

The rest of the outsole is covered in the DuraSponge, a blown rubber material that acts supplementary as an underfoot cushion. It also protects the foot by softening the impact during footstrike.

The AmpliFoam technology is intended to provide soft cushioning in a low-density package. With this construction, the midsole will not break down as quickly as with conventional materials. The level of durability offered by the AmpliFoam allows the Gel Patriot 10 an effortless performance for daily running.

The heel-to-toe drop of the Gel Patriot 10 is scientifically-based to reduce strain on the lower limbs. Dubbed as the HG10MM Heel Gradient, this technology influences the bending form of the leg, and, subsequently, the forward motion. This technique is achieved through the use of a sponge-like structure within the midsole that reduces the load on the legs.

A mesh upper surrounds the topmost area of the Gel Patriot 10 for coverage that allows for optimum airflow, as well as keeps the foot healthy and comfortable. The redesign of the upper gives more area for the mesh, resulting in more ventilation and, therefore, breathability. In comparison, the Altra Escalante 1.5—also a neutral road shoe—uses an engineered knit material in its upper.

The fabric lining on the other side of the mesh provides a smooth and seamless fit that offers the skin an irritation-free fit. The material is perfect for runners who get skin reactions with rubbing or chafing.


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