505 users: 4.4 / 5
5 experts: 84 / 100
Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 8.4oz / Women 7.2oz
Heel to toe drop: Men 10mm / Women 10mm
Arch support: Neutral

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5 reasons to buy

  • Several consumers felt that the Asics Noosa FF 2 offered a secure and agreeable fit.
  • The durability was lauded; many stated that the materials were robust and long-lasting.
  • The open construction of the mesh material gained fans because it helped in ensuring ventilation during hot climates.
  • A runner noted that its lightweight nature contributed to an excellent performance on the roads.
  • Wearing this shoe all day didn’t seem to cause any fatigue, stated a few purchasers.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some people reported that the underfoot cushioning system was too soft that it caused the foot to hurt.
  • A few testers believed that the color schemes of the 1st iteration were more appealing than the Noosa FF 2’s.

Bottom line

The Asics Noosa FF 2 was well-received by most runners who desired a road shoe that’s optimized for neutral pronators. They appreciated its durable construction, the breathability of the upper, and the agreeable coverage. Conversely, there were those who complained of underfoot discomfort due to the apparently flimsy midsole, as well as issues regarding the colorways.

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Our reviews

/100 by Pia Lewis, posted on .

If you are looking for a fast, lightweight shoe, you should try he Asics Noosa FF 2. It is a remake of the Noosa FF. Asics improved it by making it lighter and more responsive. Online, it costs £76.



The first thing you see when buying a shoe is its looks. The shoe's appearance may be a factor affecting your decision. However, looks are not the most crucial aspect to consider when buying new trainers.

These shoes, in my opinion, are not particularly fashionable but others may think they look nice. And, while I got these in pink, they do come in other colours.

The inside of the shoe is dark blue, meaning the interior will not get stained. On the other hand, the outside is light pink, so if they get muddy, you may find that the mud will still be visible after washing.

However, when you are running in the mud and rain for a whole season, this is not a concern.

Shoe base

These shoes start with little grip because they are not designed for off-road running. However, the sole on these shoes can wear down rather quickly, reducing friction between you and the ground—making it prone to slippage.



This downside makes them inconvenient when trying to run at higher speeds or increasing speeds like at the start of a rep. Thus, it can be a problem as I would use them only for very flat surface running such as on an athletics track.

Additionally, if you live somewhere where it can rain a lot, you may find these shoes are not suitable. There are also not many treads, making them inadequate for mud running.

Movement of the shoe

The critical factor for me when I bought these shoes was that the sole is very rigid. Therefore, it stops any excessive bending in the toe joints. In fact, I got these shoes just after an injury to do just that.

For some, this may be inconvenient as it will stop the full range of motion, hence, slowing you down. Although a minor annoyance, you may not want this in a running shoe.



The shoes are covered in air holes allowing lots of air to enter the shoe and any water to drain out. This also makes them very lightweight, making them suitable for faster pace running. It also makes them dry quickly after running.

Unfortunately, I have found that the holes can rip a little, which may be a problem if you wear the same set of trainers frequently for a long time.

Inside the shoe

The original insole in these is good and provides the right amount of support. I have had no issues with blisters that I believe came from this shoe, and I generally feel they are comfortable to run in.



They come with a standard insole, much like all shoes. However, I have chosen to use my own tailored to my needs.

The sizing is accurate to the UK sizing. If you are size 6, you should not worry about getting a size up or down.

My thoughts overall

Out of five, I would give this shoe a four as it is a standard shoe that meets all the requirements needed. Additionally, there were no surprises that made it any worse or better.

I would recommend this trainer to my friends and other middle-distance runners.

Pia Lewis | Level 1 expert Verified
I have been running competitively for eight years, running in both school and club races. I run around 40 kilometres a week running Monday, Tuesday (twice), Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday with a gym session on Thursday. During the week, I run on both road and trail. Although I have done road races the majority of my races are in fields or in woods. I run a cross country during autumn and winter and on the track during autumn and winter.

  • The Asics Noosa FF 2 is an update to a fresh series of lightweight running shoes designed for the neutral pronator. The design of the façade slightly moves away from the kaleidoscopic visuals of its predecessor, though it still has a swirly print-pattern on the rear section. The notable change in the upper is the use of open mesh, which involves an interior sleeve and an exterior open-pore structure.
  • The midsole unit makes use of a full-length foam to provide a responsive underfoot experience. Moreover, a silicon-based component is placed in the heel area to attenuate shock during the landing phase of the gait cycle.
  • Two types of rubber are used in the outsole unit of the Noosa FF 2. While both of them deliver traction and protection against wear, the blown rubber variant in the forefoot offers additional cushioning and bounce during toe-off.

The Noosa FF 2 from Asics has a standard running shoe length. It follows the choices of consumers when it comes to size. The available width for the women’s version is B – Medium; for men, it’s D – Medium. The semi-curved shape of this running shoe mimics the natural curve of the human foot.

The outsole unit of the Asics Noosa FF 2 features two rubber compounds. The first one is the AHAR® or Asics High Abrasion Rubber, which is layered on the heel section. It protects against wear and tear. It also offers surface grip, which is vital during the running session. Additionally, it’s designed to last long.

DuraSponge® is made up of blown AHAR®, which is a spongy and responsive version of the standard version of the technology. It’ placed explicitly in the forefoot area. As it delivers protection and traction, it also affords additional cushioning and rebound during the toe-off phase.

The WET GRIP® construction of the outsole uses a mix of organic and inorganic compounds to heighten grip on both dry and slippery surfaces.

The midsole unit of the Asics Noosa FF 2 utilizes the FlyteFoam® technology, which is made up of a springy material that cushions the foot and encourages it to lift off the ground with energy. The natural super fibers that compose this unit prevent it from sagging or breaking down quickly.

The back portion of the platform has the Gel® technology, a silicon-based unit that attenuates impact shock, thus rendering the landing phase more agreeable.

A foam footbed is added right above the midsole foam. Its purpose is to give additional cushioning to the foot. It can be removed or replaced with another insole. Conversely, the Mizuno Wave Rider 22 has an even higher stack height and heel-to-toe drop than the Asics Noosa FF 2.

Open Mesh is the material that’s used for the upper unit of the Asics Noosa FF 2. It’s made up of a fabric interior sleeve and an open-pore exterior. It encourages environmental air to effortlessly enter the foot-chamber, thus delivering a cool and dry experience for the runner.

The interior wall of this running shoe has a seamless construction, which means that it can prevent skin irritation or blistering.

Discreet eyelets prevent tension or hot spots on the instep, thereby enabling a secure yet agreeable coverage.

The padded tongue and collar keep the foot in place and prevent it from wobbling or deviating from its position inside the shoe.

Size and fit

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Same sizing as Asics Noosa FF.

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The sizing is accurate to the UK sizing. - Pia Lewis, Level 1 expert

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