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9 reasons to buy

  • The cushioning maintained by FlyteFoam exceeded expectations of the customers; they were very happy with high comfort level provided by the shoe.
  • Most customers appreciated the light weight of the shoes; the shoes did not tire their feet even during long runs.
  • A few users described their experience of running in Noosa FF as ‘fast’. The shoe enabled them to cover longer than usual distances without getting the expected-level-of tired.
  • A few runners considered the shoe ideal for both the long-distance running and the short-distance sprints.
  • The users admired its breathable mesh upper; a customer mentioned how these shoes kept his feet cool even in the tropical heat.
  • Another runner mentioned that it functioned well as a casual shoe.
  • A user praised the softness and responsive lift given by the sole unit.
  • A runner thought that the shoes were easy were put on; this feature saved his time.
  • A customer liked the color schemes of the shoe.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A few customers thought the shoes were a bit expensive.
  • A customer found it difficult to trust the thin mesh cloth across the toe section; he described the material as flimsy and insubstantial.
  • A runner thought the toe box was a little narrow for his feet.

Bottom line

Asics Noosa FF is a light and comfortable neutral running shoe which, owing to its highly breathable mesh upper, ensures instant coolness in the long runs even during summers. While it may be a little costly for some customers, its overall package and durability make it a wise choice for most runners.

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Good to know

  • The upper design has been changed to incorporate a higher number of perforations and ensure maximum breathability. The high ventilation mesh results in instant cooling and drying of feet during sprints and distances.
  • The shoe uses a full-length FlyteFoam™ midsole which is over fifty percent lighter than the conventional cushioning systems in the industry. It is also adaptive in nature and saves one’s feet from the ground’s harsh impact at any point through its fast and brilliant damping mechanism.
  • The wet-grip outsole of Asics Noosa FF enhances resistance to slip and makes it an ideal shoe for use on wet surfaces.
  • The shoes come up with the option of elastic locking-laces which solves the issue of tying and untying the laces, saves time and takes easiness for runners to the next level.

The shoe is available in the standard medium width of B and D for neutral-feet women and men respectively. The Asics Noosa FF is also true-to-size. It follows the regular preference of consumers in terms of length.

Its outsole has the ASICS’s AHAR carbon rubber- a durable rubber very effective in safeguarding the shoe against abrasion. It is also responsible for traction on wet and dry surfaces.

It also has the blown rubber which is softer and much more flexible than the conventional rubber. Also, being very light in weight, this air-injected rubber provides a great bouncy feel to the runners during long distances.

Another intelligent feature of Noosa FF is the extension of rubber beyond the edges of the outsole in the medial and the lateral direction. This feature gives more stability to the structure and ensures a firm grip on the ground.

Asics Noosa FF uses the revolutionary FlyteFoam™ in its midsole. A specialty of Asics, this foam unit binds the EVA molecules together with the help of organic fibers and guarantees more durability as compared to the conventional EVA midsole. The FlyteFoam™ technology could also be found in the Asics Gel Cumulus 20, which is one of the brand's most popular shoes.

The sides and heels of the midsole also have the words ‘TRINOOSA’ printed in ‘3-D’. This feature deserves a mention here since it enhances the overall aesthetic look of the shoe.

The upper of the shoe does not have the graffiti-like pattern of Noosa Tri. This new version offers a simpler look with numerous perforations on its surface established to ensure instant drying and cooling of the feet while transiting from one sport to another.

It also has the ‘pull-tab’ at its rear which makes it easy for users to slip on and remove the shoe. The high-grip material employed for this pull-tab has also been used in the tongue area. This makes sure to hold the foot in place while inside the shoe.

The seamless inner surface of the Noosa FF renders it suitable to wear even without socks as it provides a smooth feeling against the skin. It keeps the foot comfortable enough to be worn for daily running.

In addition to the conventional shoelaces, the shoe comes with the option of elastic laces which makes transitioning during triathlon faster and easier.


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