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What’s in a name? A lot, actually, especially when you’re talking about Asics volleyball shoes. Just by looking at the model’s moniker, you’d get an idea of what technologies you might find in it. Take, for example, the Netburner Ballistic FF. The ‘FF’ doesn’t mean ‘following’; it stands for FlyteFoam, the cushioning technology on this footgear.

But wait, isn’t there an Asics Gel Netburner Ballistic already? What gives? Asics’ isn’t trying to pull a fast one on you. These are two different iterations.

The Gel Netburner Ballistic uses the FluidRide midsole technology with the addition of Gel; The Netburner Ballistic FF uses a different type of foam and lacks the semi-liquid component. The upper construction of these two volleyball trainers is also not the same. The Netburner Ballistic FF uses mesh but is missing the polyurethane (PU) overlays of the Gel Netburner Ballistic. Meanwhile, the outsoles of both versions are made of sticky, durable rubber.

Traction. Providing the Netburner Ballistic FF with a grippy underside is the N.C. Rubber. This compound is made of natural and synthetic rubbers. The natural rubber gives the outsole grip while the artificial component ensures the layer’s durability.

Movement. This model uses a combination of grooves, textured surfaces, and discs for traction. The grooves aid in flexibility, while the textured surface keeps the foot planted to the ground. As for the tricircular treads, they are found on the forefoot and aim to reduce knee discomfort as the player twists or turns abruptly.

Under the arch is the Twisstruss. This iteration of the Trusstic System reinforces the middle of the foot to prevent excessive twisting. However, the updated version affords users more movements, especially during side-to-side actions.

The rounded edges of the outsole help players maintain stability during side-to-side movements. It is also constructed to extend to the tip of the shoe, creating a guard against bumps. It also helps with the smooth toe-off action.

Bounce. The Netburner Ballistic FF is equipped with three cushioning layers. First is the FlyteFoam. This is the primary midsole technology visible outside. It is lightweight and pliable. It has a high-rebound property because of the organic super fibers that are very adaptive. It is also 55% lighter compared to other foam midsoles used in training shoes.

Feeling of ease. Inside is the ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam and the Ortholite. Both layers enhance underfoot comfort. Meanwhile, the Ortholite is removable and can be replaced with custom orthotics if needed. This component also aids in moisture-wicking, so your feet stay fresh during plays.

Comfort. Mesh makes up the upper of the Netburner Ballistic FF. This fabric is soft, allowing for the natural movements of the foot. It is also breathable, ensuring the dissipation of heat and the entrance of cold air to keep the foot fresh. The walls of the inside are covered in soft mesh. It wicks moisture and helps with the ventilation of the foot chamber.

Protection and support. Because the mesh is soft and vulnerable to tearing, Asics added synthetic overlays to critical areas like the toe box, quarters including the eyestay, and the heel. Not only do they reinforce these sections, but they also help with foot containment. For example, overlays at the heel form a cup that locks the rearfoot and reduces unnecessary movements.

Fit. Soft foam lines both the collar and the tongue. This plush material enhances the close-fitting built of the top while reducing discomfort and possible blisters.

  • A mid-top version is available for the Asics Netbuner Ballistic FF. It is called the Asics Netbuner Ballistic FF MT 
  • The Asics vector is placed on the lateral side of the upper, along with the model name.
  • The brand name is visible on the tongue and the outsole.

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