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7 reasons to buy

  • A vast majority of consumers laud the comfort offered by the Matflex 5 during competition and training.
  • Almost all of the owners who have used this trainer for several months or even years commend its durability. 
  • Plenty of people claim that this merchandise is worth the money they paid for because of the quality build.
  • The ankle support on this Asics wrestling shoe impresses many wrestlers.
  • Numerous wrestling aficionados rave about the outsole as they find it very grippy on the mat.
  • The versatility of the footgear for wrestling, boxing, martial arts, weight training, and cross-training, is appreciated by various reviewers.
  • A lot of shoppers regard the product as stylish or pleasant to look at.

2 reasons not to buy

  • The Matflex 5 has received complaints with its lack of arch support which caused pain for more than a few athletes.
  • A couple of purchasers are unhappy because glue spots are visible on the wrestling trainer.

Bottom line

The Asics Matflex 5 is built with flexibility at the forefront. The unisole is built like a split-sole which delivers more flexibility without depreciating its grip. This model looks quite similar to its predecessor but synthetic overlays on the top have been reduced to allow more freedom of movement, especially at the front. The integrated lace garage keeps the front clean, which wrestlers appreciate.

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Good to know

The Asics Matflex 5 is built for speed and movement. Its breathable upper will not let your foot get too hot and sweaty while the rubber outsole delivers a reliable grip on the mat. Though it sports a similar high-top silhouette with the previous iteration, the Asics Matflex 4, the upper has been redesigned. Gone are the overlays on the vamp and the rearfoot for a more streamlined look. But other than that, the two models use the same sole composition that brings flexibility, traction, and comfort.

Traction. A full-length gum rubber outsole lines the underside of the Matflex 5. This compound is soft, which helps it to grip the mat. However, because of its suppleness, it is not ideal to be used on rough surfaces. The bottom of the shoe is also riddled with discs that look like suction cups. These circular features enhance the adhesion of the rubber to the mat.

If you’re a fan of a unisole wrestling shoe, another model to consider is the Asics Aggressor 4. This trainer employs an Ecsaine upper that provides a better structure compared to mesh but is not as breathable.

Cushioning and flexibility. The outsole also serves as the cushioning layer on this pair of wrestling shoes. Its soft nature allows it to attenuate shock while keeping the weight of the trainer at a minimum. Because there is no thick midsole, the underside remains flexible, which helps the foot move naturally.

Steadiness. The outsole is constructed to wrap or cup the foot in some areas. They include the heel and the broadest section of the foot. This design allows wearers to dig their feet into the mat and push and pin their opponent or stand their ground to prevent a takedown.

Breathability. The Asics Matflex 5 employs an open mesh upper. This fabric facilitates breathability, keeping the foot fresh during matches. The interior of the trainer is lined with a smooth mesh material that also aids in moisture and heat management.

Agility. The mesh top is soft, which permits the natural expansion and movement of the foot. The shoe and the foot are able to move as one unit because the material is designed to hug the foot. The bottom of the upper is wrapped in suede, a soft element that reduces friction on the mat. It allows wrestlers to quickly slide their foot out of the way when they are in a kneeling position or perform sudden foot maneuvers that could help them get the upper hand.

Lockdown. A centralized lacing system is found on the midfoot of the Matflex 5. This structure permits wearers to customize the fit of the midfoot and amplify the support at the ankle area. At the front of the tongue is an integrated Lace Garage. This element ensures that the laces are properly tucked in, so they do not get in the way during the match.

  • The Asics vector appears on either side of the midfoot. The brand name and logo are placed on the tongue and the outsole. As for the name of the wrestling shoe, it is set on the lateral side of the heel.

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