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5 reasons to buy

  • Most Asics Long Jump Pro users say the shoe is a comfortable jumping shoe.
  • The shoe offers excellent heel and forefoot support, as mentioned by the majority of Long Jump Pro users.
  • Some athletes appreciate how lightweight the shoe feels when used for their competitions.
  • Several users commented on how the spike plate provides optimum support.
  • According to a couple of users, the shoe's pyramid spikes offer excellent traction for maximum jumping power.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A number of wearers say the Long Jump Pro is on the higher price range compared to other shoes of the same kind.
  • One user said the shoe's thin midfoot strap is not as secure as other jumping spikes.

Bottom line

The Asics Long Jump Pro is a track and field shoe for jumping events that are most similar to sprint spikes. Therefore, they are known to provide good top speed and are also designed to allow energy transfer through the entire foot. The shoe’s positive reviews about its performance clearly outweigh the minimal naysayers. In conclusion, the Asics Long Jump Pro is a good mix of fit, cushioning, and performance.

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Good to know

Use - The Asics Long Jump Pro is designed for elite-level jumpers and vaulters. It is also for any jumper that is looking for optimal traction on approach and maximum propulsion at take-off.

Spike Type - The shoe uses 6 mm pyramid spikes that generate huge amounts of power. The six-spike forefoot plate offers excellent traction & firm support.

Spike Plate - The two-density Nylon Pebax Plate is reinforced around the spike sockets to improve the shoe’s energy return at the point of compression. The Long Jump Pro also uses a decoupled polymer plate in the forefoot for lightweight flexibility.

The Asics Long Jump Pro features a supportive synthetic leather upper that helps in minimizing the in-shoe movement for optimum performance. The shoe’s synthetic leather upper is not only durable, but it is also easy to clean. The said upper material also offers a locked-down and secure feeling on the wearer’s feet.

The shoe also uses the Solyte midsole material that is a lighter weight midsole compound than the Asics’ standard ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and SpEVA midsoles. It also offers enhanced cushioning and durability.

One of the features on Long Jump Pro is the Pebax nylon spike plate on the outsole. It optimizes the shoe’s flexibility while maximizing its durability.

The Sharkduo technology on the shoe’s outsole provides increased traction on various track surfaces and also helps in minimizing scuffs and scrapes.

The Asics Long Jump Pro is a unisex fit, although Asics provide the shoes' sizes for this model in men's sizing. To obtain a women's size, it is recommended to purchase the shoe 1.5 sizes smaller. The Long Jump Pro also uses a traditional lacing system that helps in providing a snug-fit feeling, while a midfoot wrap provides a secured fit and reduces in-shoe slippage.

The outsole of the Asics Long Jump Pro uses the Nylon Pebax Spike Plate with a nine-pin configuration. It offers increased durability and traction and optimized flexibility while maximizing durability on all surfaces.

Similar to the Nike track and field running shoe, the Zoom Rival S 9, the Asics Long Jump Pro lets the athlete hold their line around the curve with the use of the ¼ inch pyramid spikes. These spikes generate huge amounts of power with a rigid forefoot PU plate that is the perfect base for long jumpers.

Lastly, on the outsole platform, a SharkDuo in the heel is a textured thermoplastic unit for increased grip on various track surfaces.

The shoe's Solyte midsole is an ultralight, top-of-the-line midsole technology that delivers durable and responsive cushioning. It also enhances cushioning and durability. The SoLyte remains lighter in weight compared to that of the standard EVA and SpEVA midsoles without loosing all the other properties. Some of the benefits of using this technology would be more cushioning, durability, responsive, and of course, lightweight.

The Long Jump Pro from Asic's is composed of a durable Synthetic Leather Upper, which minimizes the in-shoe movement for optimal performance. It locks the foot in place for a secure fitting.

The shoe features a LockDown Strap and located at the forefoot is a Velcro strap designed to maintain additional security as the athlete propels through the air.

The Long Jump Pro's upper is also designed for lightweight support during the approach and foot-plant. This design will allow the wearer to keep their speed high and stride long.


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