Who should buy the ASICS Lift Master Lite

Commonly wood and leather are used to produce a weightlifting shoe. With ASICS, they utilized a combination of rubber, mesh, and synthetic materials. They then integrated them into the Lift Master Lite to deliver a weightlifting pair at a fraction of the cost, making this pair less expensive than a regular one. It is a solid option if: 

  • You are after a pair that offers outstanding stability during weight training.
  • You are looking for a trainer that can also serve well as a CrossFit shoe.
  • Your workout routine involves a lot of toe splaying. 

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Enhanced outsole durability

The Lift Master Lite employs the ASICS High Abrasion Rubber Plus or AHAR Plus. It is a durable compound that can withstand the everyday wear and tear that’s attributed to training. This material is an upgraded version of AHAR which is 50% more durable.

ASICS Lift Master Lite Outsole

The rear part of the outsole has deep X grooves, which serves to stabilize the foot by ensuring that the center of pressure is kept at the heel during specific activities like squatting and lifting.

Vertical and horizontal tread patterns are designed throughout the entire sole unit. This pattern heightens surface traction while also allowing the foot to bend more naturally.

ASICS Lift Master Lite Outsole2

The ASICS Lift Master Lite's midsole

The ASICS Lift Master Lite features a TPU heel. This material is durable and not easily compressible which gives the rear section its stability during weight training. The geometric pattern provides the heel with an interesting look. This platform has a heel height of 18 mm which is considered to be in the average among weightlifting trainers. 

A molded foam insole can be found inside the shoe. This addition delivers a comfortable footbed that reduces shock felt by foot.

ASICS Lift Master Lite Midsole

Ventilated upper

The ASICS Lift Master Lite utilizes a mesh upper. This material keeps the inside well ventilated. It has synthetic overlays that provide structure and support to the upper.

ASICS Lift Master Lite Upper1

Snug sock-fit lining

The inside is lined with the Mono-Sock fit system. This technology, as the name implies, conforms to the foot like a sock. It delivers a snug fit without being too constricting. This seamless material also ensures that that friction inside the shoe is reduced to prevent blisters.

ASICS Lift Master Lite Sock-fit Lining

Reinforced lateral support

It features a traditional lacing system to keep the foot securely in place. The lightly padded tongue evenly spreads out the pressure made by the round laces to keep the instep comfortable at all times. A single strap is present in the midfoot area. It allows users to customize the fit as well as reinforce the lateral support.

ASICS Lift Master Lite Lacing System

A notch is present at the back of the shoe to prevent it from digging into the Achilles during plantar flexion. The notch is a groove that accommodates the Achilles and gives the ankle more freedom to move.

ASICS Lift Master Lite Ankle

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 15oz / Women 12.2oz
Use: Weightlifting, Powerlifting / Gym
Heel height: Men 18mm
Width: Normal / Normal, Wide
Release date: Jan 2016
Colorways: Black

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