Profile of the Asics Hypersprint 7

Use - This running spike is outfitted specifically for sprinting meets. These events can range from 100 meters to 400 meters. However, since it is also touted as a versatile spike, it is also fashioned to perform in hurdle events- both short and long hurdles. 

Spike Type - The sprinting shoe is designated with 5 pyramid spikes that are ¼-inch in length. These pins are removable to complement the different needs of the contender. Moreover, these also help in delivering a versatile surface grip. 

Spike Plate - Equipped with a Pebax® plate, the Hypersprint 7 is one that is intended for both durability and traction. The plate contains 5 spike wells in order to accommodate the removable pins of the running shoe.

Updates to Asics Hypersprint 7

Being the 7th iteration to the famous Hypersprint series from Asics, this track running platform is revamped with its new board lasting. Contrary to its predecessor which has a combination lasting, Hypersprint 7 is configured for flexibility and stability. 

To maintain the quality of the collection, it still employs the same 5-pin Pebax® plate. This is to maintain a lightweight, durable construction to up the sprinter’s performance. 

Another notable component retained by the track spike is the integration of synthetic leather and mesh upper. It aids in keeping featherlight support to the athlete.

Size and fit

The Asics Hypersprint 7 is engineered in unisex sizing, following men’s standard width. It is recommended for women to go 1.5 sizes down in order to secure accurate size and fit. 

For lockdown support, the upper of the Hypersprint 7 is composed of synthetic leather and mesh. With the qualities of the upper, it helps with foot conformity and breathability. Several no-sew films are embellished to heighten the structural integrity of the shoe. Lastly, the running spike has a classic lacing closure to offer a customizable fit. 


The outsole of the Asics Hypersprint 7 is a mixture of both Pebax® plate and rubber outsole. These two components pose for both durability and surface traction. 

With the rigidity-to-weight ratio of the Pebax® plate, the track shoe is intended for a propulsive running experience. The stiffness and the lightness of the spike help in the forward motion of the runner.

For sturdiness and enhanced grip on the ground, the outsole of the sprinting shoe is touched with rubber. This material not only increases slip resistance, but it also promotes the shoe’s strength.


Located in the midsole of the Hypersprint 7 is an EVA sockliner. It has shock mitigating properties that protect the foot from any injury. 

The EVA footbed is also responsible for the cushioning and support provided by the track shoe. The same midsole component is found in the Adidas Adizero Finesse.


Utilizing a synthetic leather and mesh upper, the Asics Hypersprint 7 is built for lightweight support during approach and foot-plant. 

A board lasting is also integrated into the shoe’s design for flexibility and stability.

For an irritation-free experience, the upper is supplemented with seamless films for added reinforcement and lockdown fit. 

To further the fit and security of the platform, a traditional lace-up fastening system is incorporated. It allows for an adjustable fit to the foot.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 5.7oz
Closure: Lace-up
Event: Running
Features: Removable Spikes
Spike Type: Pyramid
Spike Size: 1/4-inch

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Zack Dunn
Zack Dunn

I race distances between 800 meters and 10K whether it be on the track, the roads, or on cross country courses. My typical training consists of easy days, long days, workouts (fartleks, tempos, interval training, etc.). My typical training paces range from 7’30 a mile on easy days to sub-5 minutes a mile on fast interval days, and with many paces in between. I run anywhere from 40-60 miles a week. My personal bests are 2:00 for 800m, 4:30 for 1600m, 9:50 for 3200m, 15:57 for 5K, and 34:10 for 10K.