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5 reasons to buy

  • Many of the runners like the Asics Hypersprint 5 for its excellent grip on the track. 
  • According to a number of athletes, the shoe offers a great fit.
  • Several of the wearers like how the shoe manages to enhance their speed. 
  • The shoe's breathable upper construction is noted by most users to be very comfortable.
  • The Hypersprint 5's fit is perfect, remarked a couple of purchasers. 

2 reasons not to buy

  • One reviewer says that the Asics Hypersprint 5 does not offer a natural feel to the foot. 
  • Several wearers mention that the shoe does not provide sufficient support. 

Bottom line

The Hypersprint 5 is a perfect combination of performance and style. Its lightweight composition enhances the speed of the athlete. This track and field shoe from Asics was explicitly developed to offer support in areas where it is precisely needed. The shoe also comes at an affordable price, making it a good purchase, given its overall performance.

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Good to know

Use - The Hypersprint 5 is engineered for novice athletes competing in short sprint events ranging from 60, 100, 200, or 400-meter sprints.

Spike Type - Fitted with 1/4 inch pyramid spikes, the Hypersprint 5 offers maximum surface traction and efficient grip on the tracks. 

Spike Plate - The Asics Hypersprint 5 incorporates the Pebax spike plate on the shoe's outsole. The Pebax spike plate is highly durable, and it helps in protecting the wearer's foot from impact. It also provides the shoe its flexibility and reliable grip.

- Now in its 5th incarnation, the HyperSprint 5 has been further enhanced to achieve that advanced high-performance for sprint events. You get a premium blend of materials including mesh, a synthetic leather forefoot for serious support and rearfoot hotmelt TPU overlays.

The upper is incredibly light to help power the athlete on the track without the excess weight. It features a lightweight combination of mesh and hot melt TPU overlays, which helps maintain its supportive, sleek, and speedy design. Most importantly, the synthetic leather and mesh upper combination makes the Hypersprint 5 more lightweight, comfortable, breathable, while at the same time enhancing its performance and fit

The thin rubber outsole is combined with a lightweight nylon spike plate and a five-pin spike design for optimal traction. If it looks like a bullet, it must be fast. 

The Hypersprint 5's offer an unbeatable feel from the shoe's updated lightweight and thin rubber outsole. Same as with the popular Nike Zoom Mamba 5, this track spike delivers impressive traction with its five-spike Pebax spike plate with ¼ pyramid spikes.

Additionally, these track spikes have wind resistance properties that are great for stepping up any athlete's performance.

The Hypersprint 5 is made available for users in unisex sizing. Although it follows men medium D sizing, female wearers are advised to go 1.5 sizes higher. In doing so, it will help them achieve the proper fit and sizing comfortable for their feet. 

The shoe's upper composition of mesh and TPU overlays contours naturally with the wearer's foot, acting like a second skin.

The Hypersprint 5 is then finished off with a traditional lace-up closure. This allows the user to personally adjust the fit of the shoe, giving it a customized-fit feeling.

The Asics Hypersprint 5 features a thin and lightweight rubber outsole. It helps in protecting the wearer's feet from impact and abrasive track surfaces. The rubber outsole is also proven to be made of sturdy material, providing the shoe's longevity throughout track seasons.

The rubber outsole is combined with the five-spike Pebax spike plate. This houses the ¼ inch Pyramid spikes for a better grip and speed performance. The Pebax spike plate does not only provide optimal traction, but it also offers stability and flexibility to the shoe's outsole. 

The Hypersprint 5's midsole incorporates the EVA heel pad. This midsole component delivers both cushioning and comfort to the shoe. It also offers additional support for the wearer's feet, making the run more enjoyable.

The lightweight upper of the Hypersprint 5 features a  combination of mesh and hot melt TPU overlays. These materials offer maximum breathability to the shoe encouraging a healthy in-shoe environment.

In the shoe's forefoot is a supportive synthetic leather material that was designed to have a sleek and speedy design.

A traditional lace-up closure system is fitted in the shoe's upper, allowing every wearer to customize the fit to their own liking and preference.


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