Profile of the Asics Hyper MD 6

Use -The Asics Hyper MD 6 sports multi-function performance, especially in track running meets. With its engineering, the track running spike can generate optimal performance in sprints, middle-distance races, and hurdles. 

Spike Type - Following the standard spike requirement, pyramid pins that measure 1/4 inch in length are equipped to the running shoe. These are perfect for track rubber surfaces, providing sufficient grip and support for a stable performance. Moreover, these spike pins are changeable for multi-surface adherence. 

Spike Plate - Similar to most track spikes, the Hyper MD 6 is configured with a Pebax plate. It is a polymer-based distance plate that maximizes the propulsion of the wearer. This is due to the rigid yet featherlight composition of the spike plate.

Updates to Asics Hyper MD 6

  • One of the revamped features of the Asics Hyper MD 6 is its new and improved seamless upper. It pronounces comfort and security with its irritation-free, ultra-light fashion. 
  • The Pebax plate incorporated into the outsole also employs a minor refinement. It has a more lengthened style with added midfoot support. 
  • For the remainder of the shoe's makeup, it follows the previous model's componentry.

Size and fit

The Asics Hyper MD 6 follows men's standard sizing scales. For women, it is advised that they get a size that's 1.5 lower than their usual size choice. This is intended to secure proper fit and size. 

One of the technical elements influencing the wrap of the mid-distance spike is its Speed Mesh upper. It has a lockdown fit that adapts to the natural shape of the foot. To push to the foot further into the midsole, a midfoot wrap is integrated into the shoe's design. Moreover, the EVA heel wedge of the platform amplifies support for a highly stable running performance.


The outsole composition of the Hyper MD 6 from Asics is a combination of both rubber and Pebax plate. These are responsible for enhancing the traction of the running spike. In turn, these increase the acceleration of the runner for a winning race-day performance. 

The Pebax plate is comprised of thermoplastic polymer that exhibits a good blend of flexibility and rigidity. The same outsole component is present in the Nike Zoom Victory Elite 2. Because of its stiff property, the forward motion of the runner is optimized without sacrificing underfoot cushioning. 

On the other hand, the rubber sole provides room for foot flexion while maximizing the grip of the shoe. It also utilizes minimal bulk, adhering to the lightness of the platform.


To achieve pronounced comfort and responsiveness, an EVA heel wedge is added to the track running spike. It cradles the underfoot for extended support and comfort. This increases the plush sensation delivered to the foot as the athlete transitions from one motion to another.


A Speed Mesh acts as the outer wrap of the Hyper MD 6. It has various perforations that serve as the airflow system of the track spike. This promotes a healthy foot environment, free of odor and sweat. It also offers an adaptive fit for maximum lockdown. 

Complementing the upper textile of the mid-distance shoe is its midfoot wrap. It amplifies the support and stability of the wearer. 

Welded on the upper are TPU overlays that heighten the structural integrity of the platform. These also act as the external cage that encourages security. This prevents unwanted shoe removal while highlighting an irritation-free running performance.


The current trend of Asics Hyper MD 6.
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