Closure: Lace-up
Event: Running
Features: Removable Spikes
Spike Type: Christmas Tree

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Use - The Asics Hyper MD 4 is a multi-purpose running spike. It can handle events from both running and jumping. As its name suggests, the track shoe can perform in mid-distance racing. It is also suitable for hurdles, triple jumps, and long jumps. 

Spike Type - Similar to the Nike Zoom Mamba 5, pyramid pins are attached to the mid-distance shoe. These measure ¼ inch in length, digging into the track surface with every stride of the athlete. These are also changeable for versatile grip. 

Spike Plate - A nylon spike plate is furnished to the outsole, housing the spike pins of the shoe for traction. The plate’s makeup maintains minimal weight, preventing drag.

The design principle of the Asics Hyper MD 4 is to trim down weight as much as possible. That is why this iteration features a componentry that employs minimal bulk. 

One of the newly integrated technical elements of the track shoe is the nylon spike plate. This plate offers both traction and durability while keeping weight at an absolute minimum. 

A revamped upper look sports some addition of featherlight upper materials. These maintain the security and lockdown of the running platform.

The Asics Hyper MD 4 only runs in men’s sizing measurements and is designed using the standard width. Women are advised to go 1.5 sizes down to secure accurate fit and size. 

The components influencing the fit of the track shoe are the synthetic leather and mesh upper and the EVA midsole. The upper materials lock the foot securely in place, preventing premature removal. On the other hand, the EVA midsole foam supplies added support and a better fit.

The track shoe's outsole exhibits a new nylon spike plate. It enhances the grip of the running spike on the ground as it hosts the spike pins. Generally, its makeup yields optimal durability, allowing the running platform to withstand natural wear and tear. 

For added traction, a rubber sole runs on the outsole. This compound is known for providing slip resistance, enabling surefootedness. Moreover, it enhances the strength of the track shoe.

Comprising the midsole of the Asics Hyper MD 4 is an EVA foam. The same midsole element is present in the Adidas Adizero Finesse. It supplies generous cushioning to the foot for shock attenuation and plush, in-shoe comfort. It also supports the foot, providing a stable running performance.

The upper construction of the Hyper MD 4 features a slip lasting engineering. This configuration offers more flexibility and lesser bulk. With slip lasting, the upper is wrapped and stitched in a bootie-like design. This is done before the fastening of the upper into the midsole. 

Acting as the outer cover of the track shoe is synthetic leather and mesh upper. The combination of these two materials deliver breathability and a glove-like fit. These envelope the foot securely while keeping weight at an absolute minimum. Moreover, these also heighten the airflow within the foot chamber. This, in turn, promotes a healthy foot environment—free of odor-causing bacteria.

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Same sizing as Asics Hyper MD 6.

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