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5 reasons to buy

  • According to many, the Asics High Jump Pro offers grippy traction. 
  • Many appreciate its lightweight composition. 
  • It has a great fit, commented several. 
  • Some admire its ample cushioning. 
  • Quite a few users claim that it enhanced their jumping performance. 

2 reasons not to buy

  • Several buyers remarked that it’s more expensive than most jumping spikes
  • A few are disappointed that it is not designed for athletes who jump off their right foot. 

Bottom line

Designed for high jumpers who use their left foot for takeoff, the Asics High Jump Pro is configured for optimal traction and maximum propulsion. A top choice among many elite high jumpers from all over the world, it delivers stability during the initial phases of the jump. Worthy of its price, the High Jump Pro is a track shoe that enables a lightweight, stable, and durable performance. 

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Good to know

Use - As its name suggests, the Asics High Jump Pro is built for optimal high jumping performance. It is specially designed for athletes who use their left foot during the takeoff phase. 

Spike Plate - It features an asymmetrical spike plate, catering to athletes who jump off from their left foot. The plate is fashioned for lightweight, optimal traction. 

One of the things that set this track and field shoe apart from the rest is its general design principle. It is especially centered on aiding athletes who use their left foot for takeoff. 

For extra traction, a composite rubber covers the High Jump Pro’s spike plate. It helps provide variable traction while enhancing the shoe’s durability. 

An additional grip on different track surfaces is also supplemented by this jumping shoe’s SharkDuo® outsole. 

The Asics High Jump Pro is available in unisex sizing that follows men’s sizing schemes. Therefore, women are advised to go 1.5 sizes down. 

The High Jump Pro features a synthetic leather upper, giving it a snug fit. For its customizable fit, a traditional lacing system is furnished to the shoe. Synthetic overlays also improve the High Jump Pro’s support and fit. 

One prominent element of the Asics High Jump Pro is its asymmetrical plate design. It helps in maximizing the performance of athletes who jump with their left foot. Moreover, it has an 11-spike configuration for maximum propulsion. 

Covering the track spike’s plate is a composite rubber. It provides additional and heightened traction on a variety of track surfaces. 

Found in one of Asics’ famous track shoes, Cosmoracer MD, SharkDuo® technology graces the High Jump Pro with slip-resistant properties. It consists of a textured thermoplastic unit that offers grippy traction. 

The Solyte® is a proprietary technology from Asics that acts as the shock-attenuating component of the Asics High Jump Pro. Not only that, but it is also responsible for the in-shoe comfort experienced by the jumper. Lastly, it complements the lightweight construction of the shoe as it is lighter than standard EVA and SpEVA foams. 

Flaunting a synthetic leather upper, the High Jump Pro is a track shoe that boasts a secure and form-fitting wrap. Such upper material is also known for being highly durable, protecting the foot from dirt and debris. 

The structural integrity of this track and field jumping spike is augmented by the synthetic overlays that are welded to the upper. These also help secure the tight yet comfortable fit of the shoe. 

A traditional lace-up closure permits athletes to customize the fit of the shoe. It also aids in securing a safe jumping performance by ensuring lockdown. 


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