The all terrain Grand turismo (GT) of stability shoes

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Asics GT 2000 4 GTX was instrumental in my foray into the brand.

As a well built flat footer, I have always preferred stability shoes and used the Nike LunarEclipse+3 for 4 long years. My partner for every feat: daily commute to 10k sprints, I did endure the worst muddy terrains to synthetic tracks. The entire grip was worn out and I had to desperately move.

Maintaining the brand loyalty and the urge for the same comfort, I did head straight to the Nike store for a perfect pair. To my dismay, they have called off the LunarEclipse series and hiked the prices of other shoes exorbitantly high.This left with no option, but to research and find a superior model from a reputed brand.

Suggestions from friends and extensive research at the shops, I ended up visiting an Asics store twice and found the GT series to economical and superior to my LunarEclipse, but only the orange GT 2000-4 light show was available on sale.

I didn’t prefer the orange color and purchased the GTX 2000 4 from a reputed online retailer at a reasonable discount. The shoe is rated on the following paramaters: Aesthetics, Stability, Comfort, Endurance, Traction and Highlights.



The shoes come in a blue and grey box with minimum packaging. Not that startling. When you open it, the vivid and the startling color combination of shoe immediately catches your attention. Navy blue, silver stripes, neon orange soles, it did stand out from the crowd.


Figure 1. Top View



This color combination has helped to enhance visibility while running at dark conditions, preventing many instances of accidents. The dominance of the navy blue ensured that the shoes can be used for the casual wear day at office. Ideal for daily wear and the silver stripes accentuation is worth mention.


Figure 2. Side View




The Inline Guidance System (IGS) is an ingenious technique of incorporating a guidance line in  deep depression within the rubber foam base. Labelled as the IGS, this technology assists running by ensuring that the foot is maintained without much deviation from the initial positon.

The Dynamic Duomax foam base, composed of multiple layers facilitates deep angular depression simulating an arch, thereby ensuring that the foot is provided a thrust to maintain position throughout the run.


Figure 3. Rear & Breathable Mesh




The GTX 2000-4 does offer a reasonable amount of padding. A silicone rubber is incorporated at the back to provide enough force to ensure the thump for the maintain a head start. Moreover multiple layers of black, neon orange natural rubber foam provides a comfy protection for your supple foot.

The dense packing of the foam does ensure enough push for a head start but for normal long walks. It is hard  compared to the Nike Airmax or the LunarEclipse. The shoe and the entire main box is comfortable. The toe box is little small for a wide footer though.



Within two months of use, the shoe has covered different places, from manufacturing workshop, synthetic tracks, tarmac, sandy and even stoned pathways. All terrain dealt with ease with minimal pain on your feet. I'm attending a training for a 10k run now and exploring different terrains and domains with the shoe.

The shoe humms, "Thread, run or sprint in any terrain, I will help you to succeed.” It motivates me to take up more challenges. Japanese solid built quality is unparalleled. From Asics in running shoes to sony in television,they are the best.


Figure 4. Dynamic Duomax and Arch support




The multi colored grip pads are perfectly laid to maintain a good thread pattern. The premium quality glue and the curing treatment used by Asics, leads to a doubt whether the grips are stuck or carved from the foam.

My best friend, also an Asics user, did mention that the glue is still solid after he kept the shoes idle for 1.5 years and wore them to a long trek. Not even a single wear.


Figure 5. Grip with IGS guide line




  • Goretex lining: The waterproof lining does work.It is splash proof and helps to clean the shoes easily. I did notice in a sudden downpour that my shoes didn't gather much water and was easy to clean.
  • Breathable mesh body: The entire honeycomb mesh is breathable with extension even at the rear.


Figure 6. Goretex Lining



Overall verdict

Excellent pair of shoes for regular running!

Its the second best stability shoes to Asics Kayano Series (337g weight is the disadvantage). The shoes laces however, untie quite often. I would suggest Asics to incorporate a better means to fasten the shoes.

The maximum retail price is high for the model but do lookout for off season sales. I purchased mine for 41% discount for Indian rupees 6500, which is fairly cheap for an excellent pair of shoes.

Highly recommended for running on any terrain but not the perfect pair for long walks. For long life of the shoes, I would personally recommend to shampoo the shoes thrice a week. The aerosol spray hardly costs $4 a bottle.

I will be conducting extensive tests next week at my training. Videos will be posted soon! Please follow me for updates.

Aravind Memana

Aravind Memana • Level 3 expert

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