Asics GT 2000 4 GTX: From Track to Turf

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Its been four months since I purchased the Asics GT 2000 4 GTX and it has undergone rigorous testing, surprising my friends who think the shoe is at least a year old.

The shoe provided me enough traction for conquering treks with ease but instances were minimal for endurance testing since I stay in a metropolitan city.

Part of a college reunion, I was invited for a late night game of soccer. Last minute invitation, I didn’t have the proper gear and resorted to my trusted pair of running shoes for the game, the GT 2000 4 GTX.

Will it survive the endurance and provide the protection offered by a soccer boot?

The shoe is graded on four parameters: comfort, fit, traction, protection.



It was drizzling for half the duration of the game.

Moreover I’m a person who does sweat extensively. Soccer boots do indeed provide immense protection but lack  air circulation of a running shoe.

Running shoes generally can’t handle the wear and tear. The Asics provided me with breathable mesh which when coupled with the Goretex splash proof upper lining helped to ensured effective transpiration.

Sweating rate was minimized owing to the increased surface area. The removable insole is comfortable and easy to clean.

The Gel + SP Eva in the heel cushion provided me instant “thump” for rapid movements during the game.


Figure 1. Side view of the gel cushion ,the dynamic duomax tech.



The shoe has a medium to narrow toe box that took me a while to get adjusted while running ,but for a game of soccer it was a boon. Tailored like a boot I would say.

The flat laces ensures better fastening  compared to others, but mine got untied thrice due to the intensity of the game. This is an issue that can be worked upon.

The flywire fastening technology of Nike is better in this context and Asics can definitely research.

The pair weighs 300+gms which could be felt and there was a minor deficiency in agility when compared to soccer boots.



Traction was critical for the game since we were playing on a wet turf. Head on collisions were expected due to the high intensity of the game.

I expected the entire out-sole to be worn and the grips detached. Contrary to my expectations,the grips didn’t have  any detrimental impact.

Traction was ensured throughout the game when I shifted positions from the midfielder to the center defense. The gum and curing technology of Asics is worth mention.



Figure 2. The outsole with the gripper pads, no significant wear.



The game resulted in one member suffering  a dislocated toe & another collapsed by the intensity. I had a head on collision during the game.

Luckily, the GT 2000 4 GTX ensured that no injuries happened. The Goretex lining prevented rainwater seepage, the stability bridge and the arch is boon for flat footers like me.

It immediately corrected my stance during the head on collision. Commendable work from Asics pertaining to the gel cushioning +SP eva for heel protection.

These super combination ensured my safety.


Figure 3. Badly stomped upper after the game.




Overall Verdict

Stomping was expected in the game and I received major amounts of it.

The aesthetic appeal of the shoe was tarnished after the game but my trusted shoe shampoo worked its magic, restoring the shine. I do admire the built quality of running shoes but advise to use a pair of boots for the game of soccer.

The impact is higher than in running.

Solid shoes such as the Asics GT 2000 4 GTX, Nike Vomero and other top end shoes  can be used with care when worst case scenario happens.

If you’re serious to games opt for the Upcourt series of shoes from Asics for court games such as badminton. Ardent soccer players opt for the top end boots from Nike, Adidas which might cost you a bomb but will save your life.

Aravind Memana

Aravind Memana • Level 3 expert

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