Our verdict


The overall reaction towards the Gel Sonoma 5 has been mostly positive. This ASICS running shoe is apparently a solid choice for adventures on the great outdoors. The durable construction, the affordable price, and the traction-ready external pad are highlighted. Conversely, some have noted some fabric tearing while others have noticed a restrictive in-shoe feel.


  • Durable
  • Overlays help steady foot
  • Affordable
  • Midsole cushion the footfalls
  • Trail-optimized outsole


  • Restricted forefoot area
  • Flimsy fabric near underfoot

Who should  buy The ASICS Gel Sonoma 5

You will love The  Asics Gel Sonoma 5 if:

  • You want an affordable shoe that provides efficient performance on the trail
  • You want a durable running shoe that provides excellent cushioning and firm grips for all-day wear, walking, long-distance running, or marathon

ASICS Gel Sonoma 5 1a

Updates to The ASICS Gel Sonoma 5

  • The ASICS Gel Sonoma 5 is an update to a well-received roster of performance footwear that's great for hitting the trails. This product delivers reliability when tackling various off-road conditions.
  • Groomed outdoor paths and uneven topography can be traversed because of its trail-ready outsole, yet its straightforward configuration permits versatile use.
  • An open-weave mesh and a return to stitched-on overlays differentiate version 5 from the Gel Sonoma 4 model.

ASICS Gel Sonoma 5 2

Size and fit

The regular sizing schemes were used during the creation of the ASICS Gel Sonoma 5. Runners are welcome to utilize the sizes to which they are most accustomed, thus permitting an in-shoe experience that follows expectations. Still, being able to test this shoe or study other users’ reviews prior to purchase can further boost satisfaction.

When it comes to fit, the elements that contribute to a secure and steady ride are the form-welcoming yet layered upper, as well as the semi-curved shape of the underfoot platform. The natural curve of the human foot is the basis of the outline of this product.

Get reliable grips with The ASICS Gel Sonoma 5

The outsole unit of the ASICS Gel Sonoma 5 is made of a rubber compound. This layer has a trail-specific design that helps the shoe in gripping the trails with ease. The generous thickness prevents obvious signs of wear and tear, thereby helping the preservation of the midsole unit’s structural integrity.

ASICS Gel Sonoma 5 3

Experience consistent underfoot support with The  Asics Gel Sonoma 5 midsole

AmpliFoam™ is the technology in the midsole unit of this ASICS trail running shoe. This full-length accouterment provides consistent support and impact attenuation throughout the running session. It has both a lightweight and durable construction.

ASICS Gel Sonoma 5 4

The silicon-based GEL® piece is incorporated into the heel part of the platform. This add-on puts some more oomph to the attenuation of the landing forces. GEL® is used in many ASICS shoe series, including the well-known Gel Kayano.

ASICS Gel Sonoma 5 5

Secured coverage with The  Asics Gel Sonoma 5

A breathable mesh is used for the upper unit of the ASICS Gel Sonoma 5. This element maintains a cool and dry ride while also bringing a secure coverage of the foot.

ASICS Gel Sonoma 5 6

Stitched-on overlays grace the forefoot, the sides, and the heel. These layers bolster the form of the upper unit, thus maintaining the upright position of the silhouette. Also, they help the lacing system in adjusting the tightness or looseness of the overall wrap.

ASICS Gel Sonoma 5 7

A traditional lacing system permits the runner to adjust the fit to match personal preferences.

ASICS Gel Sonoma 5 8

The heel part has a pull tab that assists the runner in wearing the shoe and taking it off.

ASICS Gel Sonoma 5 9