Our verdict


For a budget shoe, the ASICS Gel Scram 6 is a no-nonsense pick for a jack-of-all-trails. Train in it, race in it, and take it on your next hiking adventure, just like most wearers, you won't be disappointed in the Scram 6.


  • Good traction
  • Supportive cushioning
  • Out-of-the-box comfort
  • Secure foothold
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Poor durability
  • Not for wide feet

Who should buy the ASICS Gel Scram 6

You are likely to benefit from the ASICS Gel Scram 6 if you are after an affordable shoe for trail running and moderate hiking.

ASICS Gel Scram 6 Logo2

Who should NOT buy the shoe

If this shoe's durability is a major concern for you and you want to make sure that you are investing in a solid pair of trail shoes, consider getting the ASICS Gel Venture 8 or the ASICS Gel Sonoma 6.

Reliable grip

The Scram 6 exceeded the expectations of most trail runners. On loose soil, rocks, gravel, trails, turf, sand, and pavement, the shoe latches excellently.

This ASICS shoe can also transition from trail to road quite seamlessly, without digging into the foot on the pavement.

ASICS Gel Scram 6 Outsole1

Comfortable fit of the Gel Scram 6

The ASICS Gel Scram 6 fits like a glove, preventing the foot from sliding around inside the shoe. According to most reviewers, the shoe fits well straight from the box, requiring no breaking in.

ASICS Gel Scram 6 Upper3

The only downside of the shoe is that it is rather tight-fitting in the toebox for people with wide feet. Unfortunately, the shoe is not available in Wide, so they had to look for another model.

Lighter than many trail shoes

The Gel Scram 6 doesn't feel hefty on foot. At 10 oz (286 g) per shoe, it is a little lighter than the average for trail shoes (10.4 oz / 296 g).

ASICS Gel Scram 6 Upper2

Remains supportive on long runs

A lot of runners are happy with the cushioning capacity of the ASICS Gel Scram 6. According to them, their feet and legs didn't feel so beat up after the run. They all attribute it to the shoe's well-cushioned midsole and padded upper. 

ASICS Gel Scram 6 Midsole1

Based on their experience, the shoe's midsole has the right level of stiffness to keep the foot from rolling on the sides. It is far from being overly soft and mushy.

ASICS Gel Scram 6 Midsole2

Durability is this ASICS shoe's weakest point

More than a few people reported that within the first two weeks of running in the shoe, it started to show some serious signs of wear. The issues occurred in the cloth lining in the heel and midfoot areas which developed holes all the way to the plastic.

Another problematic area is the synthetic overlay with the ASICS logo. It ripped and started to detach from the upper.

Gel Scram 6 vs. 5: what's new

Here are some of the changes that are in the ASICS Gel Scram 6: 

The ASICS Gel Scram 6 utilizes an updated mesh upper construction that promotes a more lockdown fit.

ASICS Gel Scram 6 Comparison1

It also has a restructured toe shape which improved support in the toe area.

ASICS Gel Scram 6 Comparison3