Gel Quantum Infinity: Pioneering a new era for Asics

Known to be the first-ever running shoe from Asics to feature a visible full-length Gel technology, the Gel Quantum Infinity was created to provide uniform impact cushioning with its heel-to-toe Gel coverage.

Gel is considered the brand’s premium cushioning and is a common choice for the top-rated Asics runners. The Quantum Infinity is created with a 360-degree Gel midsole. Its benefits include:

  • Enhanced shock absorption with 10% more resiliency compared to similar-sized EVA foam
  • Springy rebound with every step
  • Mid-platform layout provides a smooth and consistent ride like no other road running shoe
  • Foam heel lining for durability and grip on concrete grounds, paved walkways, treadmills, and other flat surfaces

Who is it for? Well suited for runners that opt for neutral running shoes based on their feet pronation.

What is it best for? Daily running, casual jogging, long-distance running, and marathons.

Other notable features of the Quantum Infinity

  • New age upper. Boasting a seamless one-piece upper made via 3D puff printing, this provides the shoe its remarkable breathability and lightweight feel.
  • Lighter means faster. The outsole has been reduced in weight for faster performance in comparison to the heavier Gel found in Asics Gel Quantum 360 5.
  • Infinity and beyond. The word “Infinity” embossed in gold on the tongue and heel in Japanese Katakana, an iconic symbol that defines the shoe.
  • Zen design. Distinctive ripple design inspired by water drops flowing from the outsole to the upper part of the shoes.


The current trend of Asics Gel Quantum Infinity.
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Jens Jakob Andersen
Jens Jakob Andersen

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