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7 reasons to buy

  • Extreme comfort is offered by the Asics Gel Lyte V NS GTX for the foot as expressed by many reviewers.
  • A handful of buyers are highly-appreciative of the No-Sew design of the sneaker as it offers a more lightweight feeling with the no-stitching and showcases the fused upper layers.
  • Some of the consumers have been a huge fan of the Asics Gel Lyte V and were really glad about this version of the sneaker.
  • A good number of reviewers loved the stylish look of the silhouette.
  • The shoe is waterproof as it features the Gore-Tex technology.
  • A variety of colorways is offered for the Asics Gel Lyte V NS GTX.
  • One can grab a pair of the shoe at a budget-friendly price.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A few reviewers pointed out that the Asics Gel Lyte V NS GTX may feel hot on foot and may not be ideal to wear during a hot weather.
  • Some users noted that the shoe may fit a little narrow on foot.

Bottom line

The Asics Gel Lyte V is one of the classics and one of the iconic shoes from the Asics brand. It offers excellent comfort of the Asics Gel Lyte V with its Gel Cushioning. The Gore-tex technology of this low-top shoe showcases the waterproof characteristics that could withstand wet environment and weather condition, though it may not be favorable during warm weather. The No-Sew feature of the sneaker adds more appeal to its design as it displays a sleeker and cleaner image.


Base model: Asics Gel Lyte V NS
Top: Low
Inspired from: Running
Collection: Asics Gel Lyte
Price: $130
Colorways: Black, Grey
Small True to size Large
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Like the regular Asics Gel Lyte V NS, a rather snug yet comfortable fit is being provided by the Gel Lyte V NS GTX as its sizing also fairly runs true to size. The shoe may fit a little narrow.

Therefore, it may not be favorable for those who do not have the standard foot width. Sizes offered for the sneaker are in men’s sizing from size 4 US to size 13 US. Women may grab a pair of the shoe from men’s sizing through deducting 1.5.

Asics has become one of the big names in the sneaker industry with their iconic silhouettes that has shifted into lifestyle category with ease. The brand was able to give the right touch to their lifestyle silhouettes that allows them to blend-in effortlessly into the fashion industry.

The street-inspired look is the most common category that the most sneaker fall-in with its endless design variations that gives a wide range of opportunity for any silhouettes to fit it. The Asics Gel Lyte V NS GTX blends right into this category with its clean, fashion-forward, and rather stylish design. It showcases a combination of sporty and casual style, radiating fun and trendy appeal.

Various types of ensembles match up with this low-top sneaker, giving the wearer a bunch of options in achieving their target look. The Asics Gel Lyte V NS GTX goes perfectly well with a pair of jogger jeans, cuffed fitted jeans, joggers, cut-off fitted jeans, skinny jeans, and shorts. Women may go experimental with their attire and pair up the shoe with their pair of short shorts or dresses, adding up some spice with their look.

A core component of the Asics shoes, the No-Sew feature of the Asics Gel Lyte V NS GTX, which is a technology that bonds or hot melts the overlays to the shoe’s upper, delivers a sleek and clean appeal. Also, the Gore-Tex technology is added to the design of the silhouette, giving the low-top shoe the waterproof characteristics. A wide option of colorways for the sneaker also adds impact to its distinctive look.

The Asics Gel Lyte V was first released in 1993 with the Asics Gel Lyte III as its predecessor. The number four (4) was considered bad luck in Japanese, thus having the Gel Lyte V model to be next in line with the Gel Lyte III from this collection. This silhouette was considered to be one of the Asics brand’s best running shoes during the 90’s era.

Learnings from the past versions of the silhouettes from the collection were combined and a rather sleek, high-performance shoe was created. The upper design of the Gel Lyte Ultra inspired the upper design of the Gel Lyte V with an addition of mesh inserts on its side panels and toe box. A “V” applied Gel padding is placed around the heel of the sneaker and a P-Gel is added at the forefoot which gives extra comfort for a long-distance run.

Next in line for the Asics Gel Lyte III, the Asics Gel Lyte V is also a favorite when it comes to collaborations. The silhouette has embarked on quite some limited-edition collaborative releases that have marked their influence in the sneaker industry. Along with these collaborative hypes are also the release of the different variations for the silhouette, giving a variety of fresh looks for the shoe.

One of these variations is the Asics Gel Lyte V NS GTX which displays the No-Sew feature, giving a more clean and sleek look for the shoe. The elimination of the stitching procedure has been given to this shoe replaced by the fusion of overlays, bonding the upper together. Another addition to the design of this shoe is the Gore-Tex technology which delivers waterproof characteristics to the shoe.

  • The Asics Gel Lyte V NS GTX features the monosock style tongue that provides comfort.
  • The “Gel Lyte V” callout is displayed on the lateral side of the shoe.
  • Flat laces are provided.
  • Asics branding is displayed on the tongue and the heel part of the sneaker.


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