Asics Gel Lyte III OG: As original as it gets 

Asics resurrects the third installment of the Gel Lyte without any traces of modern upgrades to give us the authentic feel of Shigeyuki Mitsui’s 1990 masterpiece. Asics Gel Lyte III OG is a conservative, comfy, and classic shoe that’s almost a replica of the iconic runner with a split tongue. It’s amply padded and packed with tri-density foam cushioning with gel pads that significantly soften the impact. It’s the kind of classic shoe you’d want to wear for your everyday grind. 

What makes the OG different from other Gel Lyte IIIs?

Structure and fit. Compared to the remake Gel Lyte III, this OG form is built using the original last or shoe mold utilized in the early ‘90s. It offers a wider toe space, so it isn’t as tight-fitting as other AGL IIIs.

Style. Stacks of OG colorways that reflect the vibrant colors of the 90s continue to emerge since the Gel Lyte III’s 30th anniversary. 


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