Top: Low
Surface: Soft Ground
Collection: Asics Lethal
Lacing System: Laced
Price: $240
Brand: Asics
Colorways: Black
Small True to size Large
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  • The Gel Lethal Tigreor 10 ST utilizes the HG10mm technology, which was also featured on its previous models. This technology raises the heel to prevent any injuries on the feet. It works to minimize pressure on the leg and the impact on the knees when players are running forward during the game.
  • Another notable feature of this soccer cleat that is also found in Asics Gel Lethal Ultimate IGS 12 is the Rearfoot Gel, also featured in the heel area. This cushioning system lessens the strain whenever the heels strikes the ground with each stride. It also helps stabilize the foot resulting in improved performance.
  • The base of this soccer cleat employs a Dual Density Outsole. This type of outsole offers excellent durability that can withstand rough plays and intense moments of the game. Underneath, Asics has fitted this sole unit with soft ground studs meant to deliver traction and added stability.

The Asics Gel Lethal Tigreor 10 ST comes in the standard sizes for men. It fits true to size but is quite narrow. Designed with a rearfoot cushioning system, this soccer cleat caters utmost comfort as it reduces stress on the feet. Meanwhile, the HG10mm raised heel protects the knees while also enhancing overall fit. Over the midfoot, a standard lacing system gives wearers the option of an adjustable fit.

The outsole of this Asics cleat utilizes a Dual Density construction that offers durability and stability. It also features screw-in studs suited for the soft ground pitch. These studs are configured to supply traction so players can make swift moves with ease.

For its upper, Asics has fitted the Gel Lethal Tigreor 10 ST with soft and supple K-leather. The material allows for a snug wrap around the feet that allows for a more natural movement. It also caters a close feel of the ball, allowing players to have better control of the ball.

  • The Asics Gel Lethal Tigreor 10 ST has a removable sockliner that makes them suitable for medical orthotics.