Our verdict


ASICS pitches in the Gel Kyrios, one of its lifestyle kicks with a cushioning tech borrowed from its performance runners. If you’re smitten by the colors offered for this style, you’ll love this sneaker even more. The longer you use it, the more it provides that ahh sensation. Simply put, it’s nearly like sporting an ASICS Gel runner for a reasonable price.


  • Bouncy cushioning
  • All-rounder
  • Stylish
  • Snug fit
  • Non-restrictive forefoot
  • Well-assembled
  • Grippy outsole


  • Requires a break-in period
  • Clunky

Who should buy the ASICS Gel Kyrios

The ASICS Gel Kyrios is a solid choice if:

  • You are looking for a running-inspired shoe ideal both as workwear and a companion for recreational activities.
  • A shoe with enough traction that prevents slips and falls is what you prefer.

Who should not buy the ASICS Gel Kyrios

Folks looking for a sneaker that offers day one comfort might not like the rigidity of this ASICS pair. It needs some breaking in to crack its toughness. Also, wearers who need a shoe that would not weigh their feet down will find Gel Kyrios awkwardly heavy. They are better off with the ASICS Gel Lyte III.

Well-cushioned sole unit

ASICS Gel Kyrios is much appreciated for its forgiving underfoot feel. Being “bouncy” is out of the question. 

The versatility of the ASICS Gel Kyrios

It’s one of the running-inspired ASICS kicks that’s useful for work and leisure.  

Stylish enough to attract repeat buyers

It rolls out a variety of chic colors that many adore. Some had no doubts about grabbing an extra pair in a different shade. 

A pleasant experience

The blend of mesh and synthetics creates a cozy world for the feet.

Roomy forefoot section

There’s adequate room in the front that allows the toes to splay freely. 

Constructed with care

It won’t easily give up on you as the upper layers are neatly put together.

An outsole that bites well

The ASICS Gel Kyrios utilizes grooves on its underside that keeps the foot from slipping.

ASICS Gel Kyrios: Classic runner meets modern streetwear style

When it comes to retro fashion, ASICS has lots to offer. Adding up to its growing Gel family, this Japanese sportswear giant company brings out the ASICS Gel Kyrios, a modified version of the ASICS Gel Helios from 2005 designed by Kenichi Kawano. His love for designer labels like Balenciaga, Prada, and the like is very much evident in the premium touches on his masterpieces, including those infused into this shoe. 

Like its Gel siblings, the ASICS Gel Kyrios embraces the heritage running aesthetic using synthetic leather and mesh layers. But unlike the performance-based runners, Kawano transformed this modernized kick with street-style elements while incorporating the following plus factors. 

  • Breathable mesh fabric 
  • Rearfoot gel unit which minimizes impact on the heel 
  • Lightweight Flytefoam propel system that enhances spring back and toe-off 
  • An aggressive outsole tread in a circular pattern prevents slippage even when moving in different directions

ASICS Gel Kyrios alongside other famous Gel siblings

  • ASICS Gel Lyte III offers a retro vibe much like the Gel Kyrios. But among the throwback ASICS sneakers, this is one of the well-loved ones known for its split-tongue application, which offers a foot-hugging feel. The carved-out wave pattern on the Kyrios that wraps up to the rear side gives it a more fluid-like form versus the block of synthetic overlays on the Gel Lyte III.
  • ASICS Gel Kayano 5 OG stands out with the heel's visible Gel unit, which offers the same shock-absorbing benefits as the Gel Kyrios. If you fancy chunky soles, this shoe might suit you more than the Gel Kyrios.