Updates to Asics Gel Kenun Lyte

  • The midsole and outsole of this neutral shoe were designed with the I.G.S (Impact Guidance System) Technology, which is a design concept that enhances the foot’s natural gait. It integrates key parts of the shoe, so the transition from heel strike to toe-off is made more efficient.
  • On the Asics Gel Kenun Lyte is the Rear Gel Cushioning System. It can be found on the heel portion of the midsole. Primarily, it attenuates shock and allows the runner to have a smoother transition, from the impact phase to midstance.
  • The midsole is made up of Solyte which is a material used by Asics on most of their running shoes today. It differs from other Asics foams like the standard EVA and SpEVA because it is lighter, allowing the runner to move with less weight felt on the foot.

Size and fit

The Asics Gel Keynun Lyte comes in standard running shoe sizes. Runners who wish to procure a pair can make use of their usual running shoe measurements. The same goes for this shoe’s width. It is available in medium measurements – B – medium and D – medium for women and men respectively.


The outsole is made up of a durable rubber that can withstand the usual beating garnered by road running shoes. This material protects the bottom of the shoe from early wear and tear, as well as helps runners get the most miles of their footwear.

The tread pattern that was etched on the outsole is composed of several wavy horizontal flex lines that improve flexibility and allow the bottom part of the shoe to move together with the runner. Dividing the flex lines is a vertical Guidance Line that helps transfer the load from the parts of the foot involved in the initial contact, midstance, and, finally, the toe-off phase. The result is a more efficient and smoother run.


The entire midsole has been designed with the I.G.S or Impact Guidance System Technology. I.G.S is a design philosophy that links key components together to encourage natural gait transition throughout the running phase. It’s not just one feature functioning, but a link between interdependent technical components to produce healthier movement of the foot.

Just like the popular Asics Gel Cumulus 20, the shoe's midsole is made up of Asics Solyte material. From the name, it is a lighter midsole compound compared to Asics EVA or SpEVA. Despite its lightness, it’s a material that enhances the durability of the shoe, as well as provide enough cushioning underfoot.

On the back part of the midsole, the Rearfoot Gel Technology System can be found. The cushion can easily be recognized because it is a different color than the rest of the midsole. What this component does is lessen the impact received by the runners upon landing. As a result, the chances for injury and strain are lessened. The gel also complements the smooth transition benefit delivered by the outsole’s Guidance Line.


The upper was designed with seamless construction. This design feature significantly reduces the potential for irritation caused by the usual seams and stitches. The smooth upper also gives the shoe a more modern look.

There are no overlays on this part of the shoe, only a seatbelt buckle design along the instep. Aesthetically, the design is consistent with the modern upper feel. Functionally, it works to minimally lock the midfoot in place, keeping it from moving side to side while the runner is in motion. It also provides a bit of structure to the stretchy mesh material the forefoot part of the upper is made of.

The seatbelt design is connected to the lacing system. Tightening the traditional lace-up closure will also tighten the fit on the midfoot, further securing its minimal stabilization, as well as preventing the accidental slippage of the shoe throughout runs.

The shoe was made with a split tongue. Instead of the traditional design, where the tongue of the shoe is vertically cut on both sides on the instep part of the upper, the tongue on the Asics Gel Kenun Lyte is split vertically on the middle. This is to cater to the easy slipping on and off of the shoe.

Inside, an Ortholite Sockliner can be found. This insole is specially designed to fight off bacteria that causes foot odor. It also sufficiently absorbs foot sweat, so the inside environment of the shoe is kept dry and ideal. Because it is an extra insert, it enhances the comfort underfoot and provides additional cushioning to the runner.


The current trend of Asics Gel Kenun Lyte.
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