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A shuttlecock can travel at fast speeds and in any direction on the court. To be able to keep up with the pace, players need a pair of badminton shoes that put them in the ‘attack’ stance, so they’re always ready to move.

The Asics Gel Fastball 3 is crafted with a heel higher than the forefoot, which positions their feet in an advantageous stance. The slight heel elevation puts their body weight to the front so they can move quickly in any direction. Aside from that, the Gel Fastball 3 also utilizes a grippy outsole and a mesh upper that provides a reliable foot lockdown.

Traction. The Gel Fastball 3 is equipped with Asics’ proprietary N.C. Rubber. This compound is made of natural and synthetic rubber. It contains more natural rubber in it, which contributes to its sticky nature. However, though it is soft like gum sole used in many volleyball shoes, N.C. rubber has been engineered to be more abrasion-resistant.

The tread pattern on this Asics badminton shoe is quite unique. Discs and lines populate the underside of the trainer, which helps with multi-directional grip and flexibility. The diamond at the center of the forefoot also helps make twists and turns less stressful on the knees. The outsole also constructed with rounded edges so the wearer can quickly transition from one step to another.

Cushioning. The Gel Fastball 3 employs a heel-to-toe SpEVA midsole. This proprietary compound from Asics is engineered to be bouncy as it fuses EVA foam and rubber ball materials. A responsive underfoot helps players be quick on their feet, so they move in any direction with ease.

This footwear also uses Asics’ Gel cushioning technology. It is placed inside the midsole which softens the impact felt during foot landings. This semi-liquid component, when set at the heel, attenuates shock during landing and readies the foot to transition to midstance. When placed under the ball of the foot, Gel lessens the blow during the propulsion phase.

Comfort. Inside this Asics badminton shoe is a removable EVA sockliner. EVA foam enhances impact absorption for maximum underfoot comfort. The insert also prevents slippage. It can be removed and replaced with custom orthotics if the athlete wishes to do so.

Agility. The 10-mm heel height of this trainer puts the player in the ‘ready’ position. The athlete’s weight is positioned forward, so they find it easier to do forward movements and not miss any shot.

Foothold. The top of the Asics Gel Fastball 3 is made of a specialized mesh. It is soft, like regular mesh, but has been constructed to contain the foot and prevent it from moving around too much. The fabric is also breathable for moisture and temperature control during intense matches.

Synthetic overlays are printed on the upper. They reinforce the material to protect it against abrasion. They also help with secure lockdown.

It has a typical lace-up closure that makes it easy for wearers to adjust the fit. The collar is crafted to be plush for comfort, and prevent the heel from slipping out of the trainer.

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