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6 reasons to buy

  • Many think that shuffling around the court is easy as this trainer flexes well. 
  • Comfort is one of the reasons why lots of buyers are opting for this trainer.
  • Numerous wearers say it doesn’t feel heavy on the foot. 
  • A reasonable sum of reviewers attest that this athletic footwear is sturdy enough to prevent the foot from twisting.
  • Quite a lot agree that it doesn’t need a break-in period.  
  • It offers excellent performance value, based on general feedback.

1 reason not to buy

  • A considerable number of wearers notice that this shoe seems tight at the toe.

Bottom line

Intermediate and advanced tennis players looking for a speed trainer that provides stability, support, and reinforcement have relied on the usefulness of the Asics Gel Court Speed. The trademark Gel technology, integrated into the top-of-the-line Asics shoes like the Gel Resolutions, is applied to this lightweight shoe. It offers cushioning under the ball of foot and propulsion during toe-offs. It is also equipped with a high-grade type of outsole fitted for all-court games.

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Good to know

Asics Gel Court Speed is a step up to the high-quality Solution Speed FF and is wrapped in a combination of synthetic materials and mesh. The upper layering doesn’t put lots of weight to the shoe, which makes this profile a suitable option for aggressive court players. Even without the form-fitting Flexion Fit upper technology incorporated in the Solution Speed FF, this trainer still offers comfort.

The midsole is crafted with the Gel cushioning system that helps reduce pressure due to its bounce-back properties. This low-to-the-court athletic shoe offers stability, thereby giving users the confidence when thrusting towards the net or running after the ball at the baselines. 

The Asics Gel Court Speed is also made of a reinforced toe bumper and hard-wearing outsole that together puts a lot of life to this shoe. These modifications make the Gel Court Speed an appropriate choice for fast players in the search for a long-lasting footgear to match their speedy playing style.  

A tennis shoe assembled with a substandard outsole won’t last the repeated hard grinding on the court during long matches and practice games. Any tennis player, be it an entry-level, intermediate, or advanced one, relies so much on the quality of their footwear’s outsole. And this is one of the essential elements taken into account in the construction of the Asics Gel Court Speed. 

Rubber quality. Asics didn’t scrimp in value when it opted to use a top-grade, abrasion-resistant rubber compound in the outsole makeup. Notably, the durable AHAR+ (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) composite, which is carefully mapped on the high-wear zones of the outsole. This patented Asics rubber delays any signs of excessive wear, thus putting more life to the Gel Court Speed.

Traction. This AHARPlus is designed with an improved herringbone tread pattern that offers traction on any court surface. The right amount of grip gives users the flexibility to push around the court in a fraction of a second.

Support. Working doubly hard than any significant components of the Gel Court Speed by Asics is the midsole. The Trusstic System is fixed into this middle section of the shoe. It prevents excessive torsion that can injure the foot and ankle. This piece of resin engineering inhibits the foot from twisting dangerously and painfully as it moves in different angles inside the court. 

To illustrate, the midfoot foam is carved out to give way to this shank and to strengthen the shoe’s stability. It is fixed under the arch section that suppresses inward twisting of the foot during landings while allowing outward turning during toe-offs. 

The Trusstic plate not only offers stability but keeps the total weight of the footgear down, thus making the Gel Court Speed one of the lightweight tennis trainers by Asics

Balance. The Duomax technology is also fused into the trainer for added support. It is made of a firm sponge that controls the inward rolling of the heel as the foot hits the court surface. Flat-footed users who tend to tilt their foot inward can benefit from this tiny unit since it is meant to moderate the degree of stress to the foot due to overpronation. 

Cushioning. As its name suggests, the midfoot gets its cushioning benefits from Asics’ proprietary Gel units, strategically placed in the heel and forefoot. This Gel system uses a particular type of silicone that delivers favorable shock absorption. 

The Gel pads have independent functions.  The one under the ball of the foot diminishes stress forces that typically occur during propulsion. On the contrary, the Gel cushioning fixed on the rear side reduces impact during heel strikes. 

These semi-liquid properties are fused to the Solyte foam, a lighter kind of midsole compound than the typical EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) and SPEVA (special EVA).

Covering. The upper of the Gel Court Speed is made of synthetic material and mesh that are done in a seamless manner. This method lessens the chances of blisters caused by friction and irritation that are common to uppers made of seams and stitches. 

Toe protection. Reinforcing the outer membrane is the PGuard Toe Protector. It helps shield the forefoot from immediate damage caused by inevitable foot-dragging during serves and volleys.

  • From ball-point pens to rocket technologies, the silicone-based gel found its way into athletic footwear in the ‘80s with the introduction of the Asics Gel, an impact-softening unit lodged in the midsole. 
  • Asics Gel was first seen in the Gel Lyte variations before transitioning to other sports footwear including the Asics tennis shoes.


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