Our verdict

The ASICS EvoRide 2 is great for going long distances at a faster pace. It can work for recovery days but it just wants me to speed up to reveal its true potential. To me, the shoe does an amazing job maintaining its first-mile comfort all throughout the distance. Not to mention that it's also impressively durable compared to other tempo shoes I've had the privilege to test.


  • True to size
  • Very comfortable
  • Responsive
  • Fast
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Reflective upper


  • Not breathable

Audience verdict


Who should buy it:

I've tested this shoe to the Moon and back and think that it is ideal for runners who desire a:

  • comfortable and cushioned shoe for long-distance runs
  • performance running shoe for quick-paced runs

P.S. Maybe it is not the best road running shoe out there, but I am extremely pleased and surprised with its ride and speed. It made me fall in love with ASICS all over again.

Who should NOT buy it

Look away if you are a runner who:

  • needs stability (the ASICS Kayano line is a good alternative for mild overpronation)
  • wants a daily trainer or a less race-oriented shoe (in this case, have a look at ASICS GlideRide 2)
  • wants a breathable running shoe (the ASICS Novablast 2 is praised for its superb breathability)


The EvoRide 2 fits true to size

I was a bit worried as I heard that the first versions of the EvoRide ran a bit large. This isn’t the case with the EvoRide 2, I found it to fit true to size.


Comfort is..just wow!

Wow, and more wow on the comfort side. I ran a 32-mile run and the shoe was just as comfortable as it was at mile 1.  The shoe is comfortable that I nearly wore them into the shower.

The EvoRide2 is fun, responsive, and quick!

I have covered runs consisting of long slow distance (LSD), tempo/interval workouts, track/speed work, hill repeats, and easy recovery runs.


  • LSD - The shoe is responsive and kept me quicker than I needed to be but didn’t feel like I put more effort into the run
  • Tempo - Watch out this old dude was moving like he used to. Seriously left my training partners in the dust and never felt like I was pushing hard.
  • Track/Speed workouts- I leaned into the shoe all the way into the red limits of what this body can do, clocking in a 4:49/mile (I’m 47 years old). I hurt but loved the quickness of this shoe especially considering this isn’t a racing flat.
  • Hill repeats- I was able to keep on my toes and the lightweight of the shoe kept me from feeling like I was being drugged down by the shoe.
  • Easy/Recovery- This is where the shoe feels normal.  If you keep off the toe you don’t get to take advantage of the rocker shape

Not too soft, not too stiff

ASICS did an amazing job of designing this shoe. The FlyteFoam allows the shoe to not be too stiff to enjoy on long runs and not so soft that it loses connection with the road or speed.


Weight to wish for

This shoe doesn’t look like it should be light, I was simply amazed when I lifted the shoe out of the box for the first time.  At 8.2oz/232g, it is lighter compared to other neutral road shoes (weighs an average of 9.4oz/268g).

Durability you’ll admire

I have beaten the heck out of this shoe and it nearly looks new. The outsole shows little to no wear, making me question if I’ve really been on the asphalt as much as I know I have been. With nearly 150 miles on this shoe, it appears that I will be wearing these at 500+ miles.


Warm and absorbs moisture

Unfortunately for this shoe, I received it as soon as the weather decided to turn to 99F.  While the upper has many breathing holes it is warm and absorbs sweat.  I wouldn’t say that this shoe breathes very well but closer to an average training shoe.  After running in the dewy grass the shoe took a few hours to dry.


Reflective elements on the upper of the EvoRide 2

The fabric of the upper is highly reflective with reflective material on the heel cup.  Motorists should be able to see you especially when they come up from behind. 



I cannot recommend the ASICS EvoRide 2 enough. I love this shoe and look forward to many more miles and hopefully models of the EvoRide to come.