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8 reasons to buy

  • Almost all of the owners have remarked how comfortable the Asics Aggressor 3 was to wear from the moment they got it.
  • Many wrestlers praise the durability of the trainer; some have noted that it lasted them for years.
  • Numerous people claim that this pair of Asics wrestling shoes fit them perfectly.
  • A good number of athletes laud the support at the ankle area.
  • Plenty of folks appreciate the lace garage feature on this model.
  • A lot of wrestling aficionados like how flexible the footwear was.
  • The aesthetics of the merchandise is pleasing to multiple consumers.
  • More than a few purchasers have mentioned that they are repeat buyers of this model because that’s how much they love it.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A few wearers have reported that the Aggressor 3 felt a bit heavy compared to other wrestling shoes.
  • Though the outsole is grippy, the slightest moisture on the mat can cause it to slip which irritates some testers.

Bottom line

The Asics Aggressor 3 is a step up from the previous iteration. It ditched the ankle strap for a Velcro pocket for the laces. In terms of lockdown, the leg-to-toe lacing system coupled with the plush collar helps with that. One thing that remains the same is the aggressive looking unisole outsole that provides grip and flexibility.

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User reviews:

Good to know

From the outsole to the top of the footwear, the Asics Aggressor 3 is built with strength in mind. It embodies the toughness and aggressiveness of the wrestlers that wear it.

The upper is made of a heavy-duty material that can withstand constant abrasion on the mat. It has a smooth texture, like suede, which makes it easier for wrestlers to slide their foot as it subverts the traction of the underside.

As for the outsole, the tire-track tread pattern provides reliable traction on the mat. Its thin construction allows it to be lightweight and flexible to facilitate fast movements. It also functions to absorb shock and prevent foot pains.

If more breathability is desired, consider getting the Asics Aggressor 4. This iteration now features vents on the collar. But overall, the silhouette and the technologies used are the same as the previous version.

Traction. The Aggressor 3 features the DuoSole technology from Asics. This material employs rubber pods scattered throughout the underside. The tread pattern delivers maximum grip on the surface of the mat. The sole also wraps the lower portion of the upper. Not only does it keep the foot steady, but also helps the foot grip the mat, regardless of its position. It also aids the wearer in driving forward to tackle an opponent or maintain their ground.

Flexibility. Since there is only a single, thin layer between the ground and the foot, this pair of wrestling shoes is quite pliable. It promotes natural foot movements. Because of its thinness, it also allows wearers to better feel the surface and respond accordingly.

Cushioning. The Aggressor 3 from Asics lacks a dedicated cushioning unit, unlike other athletic shoes with thick midsoles. On this model, the rubber outsole also serves as the midsole. It decreases the impact of foot landings without adding weight to the trainer.

Support. The Aggressor 3 employs an Ecsaine upper. This material feels like natural suede. However, it has been engineered to be tougher and stain-resistant. It can also be washed without having to worry that it will lose its fibers. Overlays reinforce some parts of the top to heighten support and protection of the underlying material.

Breathability. Ecsaine, like suede, is not breathable. However, the tongue is wrapped in mesh, a fabric that promotes ventilation of the foot chamber. The interior of the trainer is also lined with soft mesh that enhances moisture control.

Lockdown. This pair of Asics wrestling shoes features an asymmetrical lacing system. This construction means that the laces are not dead-center of the footwear. This construction follows the natural contour of the foot to deliver better adhesion to improve support and lockdown.

The overlay creates a heel panel at the back. It aims to steady the hindfoot and prevent accidental heel slippage.

On top of the tongue is a Velcro structure that holds the laces in place. It prevents the laces from being untied or getting in the way during a match.

  • The Asics vector logo is placed on the lateral panel of the Aggressor 3.
  • The brand released its first wrestling shoes in 1955. It features hidden metal eyelets to prevent injuries during games. Asics' wrestling trainer is said to be the archetype of today’s wrestling footwear.
  • As Ecsaine is similar to suede, using a dry brush can take care of surface dirt. However, because it is an artificial material, it can get wet and still retain its suede-like feel.

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