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The Ariat Fuse brings the energy from Ariat’s performance footwear line into the world of sneakers, this time in the form of a tennis-inspired sneaker. The shoe is a relentless force when it comes to everyday wear, having the comfort and breathability to last long hours, and the quality and durability to last a while. Its unique aesthetic adds to its appeal, featuring several hues to give life that extra oomph.


  • No break-in time
  • Breathable for summers
  • Vibrant colorways
  • Refreshing insole
  • Easy to maintain
  • Gets repeat buyers
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight build
  • Reasonable price


  • Tongue rubs ankles
  • May be difficult to put on

Who should buy the Ariat Fuse

The Ariat Fuse is perfect for those who:

Who should not buy it

The Timberland Solar Wave is a good choice if you want minimal ankle rubbing with its plush tongue. If you want a sneaker that is both easy to wear and well-built, check out the Merell Jungle Moc or the Ariat Cruiser

The Ariat Fuse’s looks are a breath of fresh air

The sneaker is home to different colors and designs with very unique motifs:

  • One sneakerhead said they love the “creative tie-dye colorways” because they go with a lot of outfits
  • Another got the Aztec print, appreciating them a lot because “western tennis shoes are hard to come by”
  • Another wearer had a unique experience with the sneaker, saying “these bright colors and cute style give me the energy after a long day at work to go the gym.”

Several wearers have shared that they got lots of compliments while wearing these sneakers.

The Ariat Fuse can take the heat

People from different professions are very pleased with having these shoes on foot for work, including those in healthcare, retail, and education. One of them shares that they go 20,000 steps a day and in their opinion, they “are the most comfortable shoes [they] have owned.” Another who works for up to 8 hours says “my feet were no longer sore and my back no longer achy” because of these.

Its insoles were praised by a lot of people. One of them said they “are amazing” because they work on concrete all day continuing on to say the “insoles are working for me.” Another person says “my feet actually tingled when I took them off” loving the bumps on the insole which they say have a “massaging effect on [their] feet.”

The Ariat Fuse is an airy sneaker

One person shares “it has even been super hot where I live and they keep me perfectly cool,” which is a sentiment shared by others. In addition to its lightweight construction, the combination of these features prompted someone to say “it feels like I'm walking around in bare feet.”

The Ariat Fuse: A tough-quality build

Long-time wearers of the shoe are happy with how it’s built. A second-time buyer says they are “the only tennis shoes I buy” because “they're so comfy and last forever.” Several others praise its quality and sturdiness, supporting this fact.

In addition, one wearer said “I have put them through the washer and they hold up to that,” making for a low-maintenance shoe.

The Ariat Fuse provides comfort in a snap

A tester said there is “virtually no break-in period,” stating they were “comfy right out of the box.” A reviewer backed them up on the statement, exclaiming they “feel perfect immediately!”

The Ariat Fuse keeps people coming back for more

One wearer says they “have an addiction” to this sneaker. They mentioned having “black, grey, navy, and now white, and keep a spare pair of black in case I want to throw them on.”

Other wearers have expressed their intent to get another pair, one of whom said they “plan on buying another pair when these eventually wear out.” While others have already done this and are already on their second pair.

The Ariat Fuse comes at a good price

The Ariat Fuse retails at $90, which is a lower price than that of the average Ariat sneaker at $105. For the price, several were very happy with their pair, with one person saying they were affordable.