Who should buy the Ariat Cruiser

The Ariat Cruiser is a minimalist kick that revels in its myriad of creative colorways. Buy it if:

  • You're a collector of slip-on sneakers, especially those that sell for cheap.
  • Heavy-duty leather kicks are what you prefer.
  • You've been looking for a pair that's as great for driving as it is amazing for office work.
  • Flawless footwear workmanship is high on your sneaker must-have list.
  • You adore sneakers that don't get wrinkly too soon.

Ariat Cruiser buyb

Who should not buy it

With its breathable design and because it has no reported heel-slippage issues, the DC Villain is a great alternative to the Ariat Cruiser. And if lasting underfoot support and cushioning are what you need, opt for the ECCO Soft 7 Slip On instead.

Ariat Cruiser no

Cruise with pampered feet in the Ariat Cruiser

This mostly leather slip-on shoe from Ariat is richly comfortable, and scores of reviewers agree. Their raves and compliments are as follows:

  • "Extremely comfortable."
  • "Like walking on puffy clouds."
  • "Super comfortable right out of the box."

One sneaker fan says that, compared to their tennis shoes, their Cruisers "are so much more comfortable!" One other reviewer believes that this kick puts Sperry to shame on the comfort front.

Ariat Cruiser comf

Oozes charm and class

The Ariat Cruiser has its fair share of compelling comments about its incredible aesthetics, from "cute as a button" to "they are so gorgeous!" To a super-pumped reviewer, it's a real feast for the eyes, saying that they're "absolutely obsessed" with it.

Ariat Cruiser looks

The Cruiser's crazy details

Numerous sneakerheads are quite floored by the Ariat Cruiser's top-of-the-line build quality. Remarks such as "stellar craftsmanship," "exceptionally well-built," and "great quality and detail" attest to this. Some reviewers are just so mesmerized by the shoe's clean and professional-level finish that they now believe one can't go wrong with Ariat.

Ariat Cruiser finish

A surprisingly durable slipper

With comments like "these are pretty durable" and "endless," the Ariat Cruiser is a thing of beauty that lasts years. About the "endless" remark, its reviewer adds that the Cruiser will endure that long until your dog (in his case, a German Shepherd) decides to chew on it!

Ariat Cruiser durab

Wanted: A better heel hold

Quite a number of sneakerheads are not impressed with the lackluster hug the Ariat Cruiser's heel zone provides. "I wish the heel didn’t slip off," says one tester, while another laments with the words: "they do slide at the back of my ankles."

Most commenters believe that it's a footbed issue, stating that its rearfoot end is too slick. One reviewer, on the other hand, blames it on the shoe's heel collar, which allegedly tends to fold under too often.

Ariat Cruiser heel

Ariat Cruiser: Not the beefiest underfoot

Among the few complaints that people have with the Ariat Cruiser is its unremarkable support. One owner doesn't recommend it for individuals who are on their feet on concrete all day. Another reviewer says that her Cruisers are "cute but with zero support." "I have tried several different inserts and nothing works," says another.

Ariat Cruiser supp

Struggle-free access in every pair

Getting the Cruiser on and off is apparently very easy, and reviewers love it. The secret lies in its wider-than-usual opening and the cut-out groove on its heel collar.

Leaves no room for wrinkly lines

The Ariat Cruiser's leather uppers appear to be quite wrinkle-proof. "They don’t crease at all," says a satisfied sneakerhead.

Not the best summertime cruiser

Reviewers find this Ariat offering subpar on the breathability front. One individual says that it's "maybe a tad warm in the FL and NOLA heat," where NOLA means New Orleans, Louisiana. Another disgruntled sneaker collector, on the other hand, is less coy about it, saying, "these shoes don't breathe" and "they make your feet smell awful."

More than just a looker

There are those who find the featured Ariat kick a truly versatile piece. For them, it's a winner, whether for park strolls, office work, or yard chores. It's also a "great house slipper," says a reviewer, hinting at the possibility that the Cruiser will replace his flip-flops sooner than later.

The Ariat Cruiser's attractive asking price

One can be led to believe that the Cruiser costs a fortune, what with its premium leather and fabric materials and top-notch craftsmanship. However, that can't be further from the truth, as the featured slip-on sneaker is only $95 a pop.

Facts / Specs

Style: Dressy, Minimalist
Top: Low
Inspired from: Casual
Closure: Slip-on
Material: Leather, Textile
Season: Spring, Summer
Features: No lace

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