Our verdict


The overall reaction of people towards the Arc'teryx Norvan SL has been mostly positive. This trail running shoe is apparently a solid choice for daily runs and adventures on the trails. The uncluttered upper construction, the outsole traction, and the lightweight materials are the highlighted elements. On the other hand, the quick-to-wear-off rubber of the outsole and the irritating loop on the rear are the negative points.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Grippy outsole
  • Suitable cushioning capability
  • Seamless construction
  • Eye-catching colorways


  • Flimsy outsole
  • Snap-ring loop irritates skin

Who should  buy the Arc'teryx Norvan SL

You will love the Arc'teryx Norvan SL if:

  • You want a reliable shoe to partner with your off-trail adventures
  • You want a lightweight, neutral shoe to use for long-distance runnings

Arc'teryx Norvan SL 1

Notable elements of the Arc'teryx Norvan SL

- The Arc'teryx Norvan SL is a lightweight running shoe that is designed for those who like to accommodate activities on the trails. This product utilizes a Vibram® Megagrip™ external pad with not-so-prominent gripping lugs and ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) midsole that is lightweight and super responsive.

- A thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) mesh is used for the upper unit. This thin yet form-fitting material supports natural movements. Thin synthetic prints also help with the security of the foot.

Arc'teryx Norvan SL 2

Size and fit

The Arc'teryx Norvan SL is true-to-size. Runners are encouraged to grab a pair with their usual choices of size in mind. Nevertheless, the attainment of full comfort and in-shoe security can be influenced by personally testing the shoe or studying user reviews from various sources.

When it comes to the fit, the elements that contribute to a snug and secure coverage are the thin yet flexible upper unit, as well as the foot-shaped outline of the platform’s lasting board.

Megagrip compound in the Arc'teryx Norvan SL outsole

The external pad of the Arc'teryx Norvan SL is made of the Megagrip™ compound from Vibram®. This full-length layer protects the midsole foam from the abrasive nature of the trails. It is also naturally grippy, and it effectively delivers surface adhesion and movement control. Many running shoe series, including the well-known Altra Olympus line, use this technology.

Arc'teryx Norvan SL 3

Non-prominent yet angled gripping lugs pockmark the forefoot and heel of the outsole. These nodes heighten the traction given by the shoe, and they ensure surface control even when tackling upward or downward traversals.

Arc'teryx Norvan SL 4

Experience natural foot movements with the Arc'teryx Norvan SL midsole

Arc'teryx uses an EVA foam that is light and flexible. Natural movement, speed, and the feeling of not being encumbered by the shoe are what this full-length foam highlights.

Arc'teryx Norvan SL 5

A TPU plate is placed in the forefoot section, and it rests between the outsole and the midsole. This element shields against impact shock and debris on the trails. It also helps with the push-off power of the foot.

Arc'teryx Norvan SL 6

Cool and dry running experience with the Arc'teryx Norvan SL upper

The upper unit of the Arc'teryx Norvan SL uses TPU mesh, a material that is highly breathable. Open pores and ventilation holes permit air into, and through, the foot-chamber, thus ensuring a cool and dry wrap.

Arc'teryx Norvan SL 7

Printed overlays grace the sides, the front, and the rear. These seemingly incognito layers maintain the upright structure of the facade. They also assist in locking the foot in place and staving off in-shoe wobbling.

Arc'teryx Norvan SL 8

A discreet lacing system graces the bridge of this shoe. Flat shoelaces snake through isolated fabric lace-holes so that the fit is adjusted to suit the preferences of wearers.

Arc'teryx Norvan SL 9

The thin collar of this product features a sipe at the medial side of the collar. It serves as a clip-on point for outdoor clips and other attachable hooks for trail adventures.

Arc'teryx Norvan SL 10