Altra Paradigm 7.0 review

Jeff Binder
Jeff Binder on Jan 27, 2022

Expected release date: Sep 2022

Expected price: $160

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One of the first few stability shoes to feature guide rails, the Altra Paradigm offers game-changing support for those who suffer from overpronation or the excessive inward rolling of the foot. Instead of overcorrecting the runner's strides, the guide rails actually just keep the foot motions in a safe range. 

Another aspect of the series that makes it a standout is it caters to a lot of different runners. As experts put it, it is most helpful to those who struggle with balance, have bunions, and those with poor circulation. And true to its Altra roots, it has a zero-drop design and a foot-shaped toe box. 

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Jeff Binder
Jeff Binder

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