We spent 7.7 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

8 reasons to buy

  • Majority of the reviewers find the Airwalk Rio to be very comfortable.
  • It is available in a variety of colorway options.
  • The shoe fits true to size, based on most of the purchasers' opinions.
  • A significant number of consumers admire the Airwalk Rio's simple yet stylish design.
  • A handful of wearers are delighted that they receive compliments whenever they opt for this kick.
  • Some practical shoe users like the fact that the kick is versatile enough to be dressed in a multitude of outfits.
  • Most reviewers consider the shoe to be very durable.
  • Several buyers are ecstatic at the very affordable price tag of this sneaker, much like other the Airwalk kicks.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some long-time fans of the shoe notice that there are some inconsistencies in the quality and construction of the kick.
  • A handful of shoe users say that the kick doesn't have much grip.

Bottom line

Designed in a classic skate silhouette, the Airwalk Rio dons a simple yet stylish design that appeals to sneaker fans who are into the timeless aesthetic. Putting equal importance to comfort and style, the shoe combines its good looks with a cushioned insole to keep users looking and feeling good daily.

While some have questioned the shoe's poor finishing and others compared it to Vans Authentic sneakers, the majority of users recommended this kick because of its superb comfort and enduring style offered at a very budget-friendly cost.


Top: Low
Inspired from: Casual
Collection: Airwalk Lifestyle Shoes
Closure: Laces
Material: Canvas, Rubber Sole, EVA
Price: $30
Colorways: Red
Small True to size Large
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The Airwalk Rio is offered in both men's and women's size. With its low-top, laced-up constructions, this shoe is expected to offer a supportive fit without being too restrictive around the ankle.

Closely resembling another famous skate shoe, the Airwalk Rio exuded a familiar and recognizable silhouette but offered at a relatively lower cost. The minimalist and classic design of this kick guarantees easy pairing with any outfit from joggers to chinos. Men can simply match it with jeans and a band shirt for an effortlessly cool outfit, while the ladies can opt for shorts and a sleeveless top for a quick and easy summer look.

The kick's vintage silhouette and character are where the Airwalk Rio's charm lies. Consumers also like playing their look up through the shoe's fun colorway options. The low-top shoe prides itself on a padded footbed that ensures comfort and excellent cushioning.

Prior to joining the Payless brand, Airwalk was famous and most sought after in the skateboarding world. In the 80s to the 90s, the brand had a professional, heavyweight team and manufactured footwear that skaters actually wanted to skate in. Airwalk launched in 1986 and was founded by George Yohn and Bill Mann who both had professional experience in the footwear industry.

The brand started out with the initiative of creating footwear for the 80's jazzercise trend. They set on studying the exercise trend but took too long and got taken over by bigger brands such as Puma. Feeling defeated, Bill saw a business opportunity as one day his son complained how skate shoes were so boring and dull. He started observing kids in the skate park and based their next shoe models on the demands of skateboarding.

By the mid-90s, the company was so successful and was earning nine digit amounts annually. Fast-forward to today Airwalk is apparently not as popular as before. Their releases are only generally available in Payless stores but continually dishes out super affordable footwear for the masses nonetheless. One of their many offerings is the Airwalk Rio, a simple-looking shoe with a design based on the brand's skateboarding heritage. It is available in a number of color options and is mostly preferred for its affordable cost.

  • The Airwalk Rio is offered in Medium width.
  • Its upper is crafted from canvas material.