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6 reasons to buy

  • Most purchasers love how affordable this sneaker is.
  • The Airwalk One is available in various colorway options.
  • Its simple design is considered by most to be stylish and appealing.
  • Most consumers find this model of Airwalk sneakers to be versatile, perfect for a variety of outfits. 
  • The majority of the users have testified that the Airwalk One is a comfortable shoe.
  • Plenty of long-time fans want to own a pair because it brings back memories.

2 reasons not to buy

  • The Airwalk One is heavy, according to a user.
  • Several buyers claim that the sneaker's materials are cheap and don't last very long.

Bottom line

One of the many significant products of the 90s that has made its way back on the shelves today is the skate shoe called Airwalk One. Having left a mark in the skate culture during the 90s for its stripped-down and low-top silhouette, it is considered iconic making for a covetable pair even today.

The Airwalk One remains virtually unchanged today which means its comfort is not at par with today's concept of comfort in footwear. However its reputation, affordable price, and legendary aesthetic surpass all these.


Top: Low
Inspired from: Skate
Collection: Airwalk Lifestyle Shoes
Closure: Laces
Material: Suede
Price: $35
Colorways: Black, Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow
Small True to size Large
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A top rated Airwalk sneaker
A popular pick

The Airwalk One is available in men’s and women’s sizing. It has a low-top profile that allows ankle movement without any restriction. 

This low-top sneaker has a lace-up closure system that allows an adjustable fit. It has the EVA footbed that offers cushioning. Both the tongue and ankle collar are padded, providing added comfort. Also, it has a cupsole construction that provides impact support. 

Pioneering the low-top, padded design of today's skate shoes, the Airwalk One displays a now-classic skate look. The sneaker's simple aesthetic offers versatility while an extra-padded profile sets it apart from the ordinary sneaker, demanding attention from on-lookers. Wearers were seen pairing it with casual staples such as jeans, shorts, and khakis. But if you are aiming for a 90s skate outfit, then opt for an oversized white tee topped off with a flannel button-down polo and finished with oversized jeans and a cap.

The Airwalk One's unchanged aesthetic is this shoe's main selling point. Its signature double stitching through the sidewalls, Airwalk logos on the upper's lateral side, and hexagon tread pattern will send old-school skaters back to the 90s. And with current trends circling back to that era, this shoe is considered a must-have today.

Before being acquired by the Payless brand, Airwalk was a well-known skate brand and was widely preferred by skateboarders. Introduced in 1986, the brand was created right on time just before skateboarding burst into the mainstream in the 90s. Airwalk was considered an innovative brand back then and had a professional skate team.

One of their footwear models that put the brand on the skate community's map is the Airwalk One. This sneaker was popular when it was first released as it geared away from the old-school bulky design of skate shoes, and so it was like a breath of fresh air for skaters who were looking for lighter and simpler alternatives. Prior to the Airwalk One, the norm of skate shoes was typically high-top and ultra-bulky, and upon witnessing skaters cutting them down, Airwalk responded by creating the One sneaker. During that time, the Airwalk One set the tone for the skate industry and helped pave the way for low-top skate shoes with extra padding.

As the years passed more stylized and technologically advanced sneakers came into the picture which pushed the Airwalk One away from the consumers' radar. However, to celebrate the pair's 30th anniversary since its inception, Airwalk tapped famous designer Jeff Staples to refresh the shoe and re-introduce it to today's generation. This time, the One was introduced in three iterations: Random, Block, and Pearl. The Airwalk One Random retains the OG's silhouette and a color-blocked style, while the Airwalk One Bloc displays a slimmer profile and comes in plain yet vivid colorways, and lastly, the Airwalk One Pearl exhibits an iridescent sheen for elevated style.

  • The shoe’s upper could either be crafted from plain suede or a combination of suede and smooth leather material, depending on the colorway.
  • This sneaker received several makeovers from collaborators such as Colette boutique, Jeff Staples, and Haan Kjobenhavn.
  • Some of its colorways are Carolina blue, tan, olive, navy, yellow, pearl, charcoal, and wine.


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